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Welcome to the era of Christ Consciousness! Come join us while we Channel our LIGHT and OWN our Intuitive !

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When you open your gifts with these classes, you receive clear and understandable guidance that gives you energy to ACT with clarity, conviction and purpose, without the doubt! Clarity equals Peace, and purpose, allowing for one's highest soul path to be lit up.

The universe, Spirit, God and your guides are always there lighting the way for you - you only need to uncover this connection to find that clarity we are all seeking! 



Whether you've just started to explore intuition and Spirit OR you are already utilizing your intuitive skills but want more, this is the place to be!

Those walking the spiritual path go through many transformations, as they awaken, activate and embody each metamorphosis they experience - Channel your light classes and tribe are designed to guide and support the intense journey of healing and the spiritual warrior's path.

Doubt and fear squash the majority of our dreams, wishes, and magic. When you use these practical and consistent methods, your confidence in yourself, your intuition, and your relationships skyrockets because you are claiming and embodying this piece of yourself. You are your purpose. And without you there can be no purpose.

The most empowered version of you is ALSO the most  intuitive version of you.


Unleash your Spirit in Costa Rica

A Divine Metamorphosis...


 Join us for a divine transformation of the sacred feminine in the lush playground of Costa Rica this July!  Unwind, Awaken and Align your energy in this Spiritual Expansion Retreat, designed to clear, activate and embody your higher self. 

Through a combination of yoga, guided meditations, quantum energy clearings and light activations - you will be guided on a journey of self-discovery, soul retrieval and a powerful invoking of your sacred feminine power and full divinity.

Expand your spiritual access and activate ascension codes in the heart of Costa Rica with us! Unfurl your wings dear one - the world needs you!

Spirit Expansion Retreat Dates & Details HERE!

Step into your true Spirit's magick and own your life.


Think about the trinity of mind, body, soul and the sacredness of each of these pillars that make up your foundation - the whole of you.  When you claim your God given intuitive gifts, you are claiming ALL OF YOU. The intuitive path is a part of who you are and when you decide to open and own this part of you - that's when pure, divine, magick happens!

The most empowered version of you is ALSO the most intuitively tapped in version of YOU!  

These classes will immerse you in all things Spirit, Energy, Consciousness and intuitive expansion through pure Magick!  Welcome to the era of Christ Consciousness.

With over fifty online, in depth, intuitive classes to help you Awaken, Activate and Align your Spiritual gifts with ease and flow, to take you to the next level of peace and knowing. Along with a community of like minded divine beings that are opening, expanding & honing their light gifts too! This is the place to BE for blossoming intuitives and those ascending on their spiritual path to the next level of their life, their energy, their gifts and their joy!

Join our spirit led tribe and go beyond the basics to Channel your Light and OWN your intuitive!

-Activate your next level of spiritual and intuitive skills that are uniquely yours -  no two people are the same!

-Learn clear and practical methods to consistently embody your higher self for crystal clear guidance on your path.

-Master your OWN energy and learn how to sense, clear, transmute, replenish and shield your own energy.

-Understand energetic entanglement, and how to discern clearly what is Spirit, what is you and what is someone else's energy.

- Mediumship 101 open and hone your mediumship frequency with easy step by step exercises to open and hone your divine connection.

-Expand your psychic awareness and learn to identify and clear both psychic and emotional debris from your energy bodies.

-Understand the clairs and intuitive pathways and the role they play in how you receive and perceive guidance from Spirit.

-Connect with your Guides who are waiting to support you, lead you and help you align with your soul's purpose and blueprint.