Communicate with Your Loved One

Connecting with Spirit is everyone's gift - Including YOU!


This easy afternoon workshop is about learning AND experiencing your connection with Spirit, the divine and your loved one.


I see and connect with Spirit through the heart first and foremost - This is when the clearest messages come through - from the heart.  When we connect from the heart, our other clair's and gifts become clear and amplified, so that we can truly experience the power of our loved ones and communicate with them. This is one of the most healing and uplifting experiences for the grieving heart.


In this workshop, your going to learn and experience the following;


-YOUR unique way of connecting is (Yes, we are all different)

-How we block our connections with Spirit - It's NOT what you think they are!

-The 3 key steps to initiate a connection with your loved one, on your own.

-Why raising your vibration is ESSENTIAL for connection & HOW you can do this.

PLUS, Your going to have a guided experience to connect with your loved one on your OWN! This is where the magic happens!


If your unsure if you can do this, don't worry!   You wouldn't be reading this or drawn to Spirit, if you couldn't.

Or maybe you have had experiences with Spirit that are confusing, or seem random, and you want to have MORE of those connections - This is the workshop for you.

You never know what's possible until you open to the experience of Spirit!


So excited to see you there!


Workshop Details:  

Date: Friday October 15th 2020 @ 12pm EST

Location: Zoom Online

Cost: $44- per person



Communicate with Your Loved One

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