A retreat experience like no other..

This is where we come together.

This is where we connect with our children.

This is where we heal with open hearts.

This is where your magic waits for you.


I believe that we are all connected on this journey as bereaved parents – We are united by life altering circumstances that takes each of us down an unknown road, leading us to each other for healing, growth and hope. If we don’t find people, who support, understand and connect with us in positive ways that gives us hope and healing - we end up spending the rest of our lives isolated. Just existing. Suffering, a flat and dull existence with aching holes in our hearts that never heal.


Is this how you're feeling?  I've been there. That was me too. Broken. Exhausted. Empty.

Seven years of this, day in and day out. Until the missing piece of the healing puzzle dropped in, out of no where - Straight from my daughter in Spirit.

If you are reading this page, you've likely been guided here by the universe and the unseen – Our children nudge us to the people, places and things that will help us, heal us and connect us to them. Your soul is softly calling you and your child is guiding you to follow it.  So let’s get YOUR ESSENCE back!

Join a healing and life transforming Retreat for Bereaved Mothers that transforms sorrow into connection with Spirit, grief into gratitude and the feeling of just existing into great purpose.

Here’s a small taste of what you’ll experience at these spiritual and healing retreats:

-Uncover your purpose on this journey and the meaning behind it

-Develop life long friendships with bereaved Mothers who understand, support and uplift you on your journey

-Discover where your not moving forward, why and clear it

-Feel rejuvenated and restored with proven healing energy modalities that will clear your energy and get you aligned with spirit's vibration.

-Connect with your child through mediumship, channelling and ceremony PLUS learn what your unique way of connecting with your child

-Experience exciting new places and private excursions that heal and free your spirit.

-Reignite your joy, passion, purpose and feel alive again

I know what you're thinking....I'll never get over this, I don't think any of that is possible for me, what if I can't connect with them, what if this is all just in my head....Well guess what! I said the same things, I felt the same doubt!

YES, all of this is possible! I have done this. My clients are doing it. And others around the world are seeing the truth about this missing piece of the healing puzzle and experiencing connections with their children and have a whole new lease on life, because of it.

The next retreat in 2020 is in Hawaii a magical destination!

Reserve your spot now to be a part of this transformational retreat -  Spaces are limited!

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