Longing for signs from your loved one & Spirit communication?

Connecting to Spirit is everyone's gift. 

Sometimes we just need some help remembering how to access this

I can help you with that!

Join us for the next connecting masterclass where you can experience communication with your loved one

AND get a response back!


In this Connecting masterclass you will;


  • Learn the 3 key steps to open your connection to a deceased loved one

  • Start understanding your own unique way of receiving Spirit communication-Yes, we are all different!

  • Learn how to easily tap into the flow of signs and synchronicity's

  • Understand your energy and how it opens OR blocks your connections


And it gets even better...

We'll be doing a guided meditation connection process to help you access your intuition AND experience communication with your loved one

 for YOURSELF!!!

 When you take one step towards Spirit - Spirit takes ten steps towards you.

How do you know if this is right for you?

- You're just opening up to Spirit and have received signs BUT aren't sure what is or isn't Spirit and your loved one!

- You've had some experiences with Spirit BUT... you question or doubt they were real or in your imagination.  

I promise, it is NOT in your imagination!

Our loved ones are always connected to us and love when we open to their signs, communications and validations of their love for us.

Sometimes, we just need a pathway to understand the signs and some help to receive their messages and the meanings!


If YOU are ready to receive more communication, get closer to your loved one than ever before and experience the elation of communicating with them,

Then grab your spot in this class - Spaces are limited!

Let's get you started on your path of connecting with your loved one!

Next workshop:

 Friday October 15th 2020

Time: 12pm - 3pm EST

Location: Zoom Online

Cost: $44- per person





Communicate with Your Loved One

Communicate with Your Loved One


Wondering what happens in this Connecting Workshop?

"I  was in Erin’s last communication workshop and felt that she really covered a lot of valuable information in a short time. I appreciate her enthusiasm, openness, and knowledge and know that by following the guidelines she set out, communicating with my son could be easier. I felt that I had made a brief contact in the exercise and was pleased that she sent the entire meditation for us to try again on our own. If you are curious, give Erin’s workshop a try."


-Shirley L 

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