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You are already connected to the other side

Now you just need to learn how to open that channel back up!

  • Connect with Your Loved One - Workshop

    Do you want to have the experience of connecting with your loved one on your own?

    YOU CAN!

    This workshop is an easy and interactive class for you to learn the basics of connecting AND experience your own connection with your loved one, which I will guide you through.

    The next workshop is Friday Oct 30th @ 7pm EST

    Don't miss this experience with Spirit!

  • Grieve, Release & Connect - Program

    Processing grief feels and sounds painful - Going through the grief process with your loved one that has crossed over, changes that!

    If you want to learn to connect with your loved one and receive guidance, messages and grieve with them -

    Then this program is for you!

    Click below to start your journey with Spirit and your loved ones who work with you to learn and to grieve and release the pain and suffering.

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  • Erin E Chandler
  • Erin E Chandler

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