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Everyone is an intuitive.

We are all born with these abilities.

These gifts are seamlessly built into our internal compass - An integral part of who we are, our magic.  It's simply a matter of knowing HOW to tap into our abilities - The sky is the limit after that!

-Erin E Chandler

Author, Intuitive Guide & Teacher


Workshops & Courses

  • Do you want to have the experience of connecting with your loved one on your own?

    YOU CAN!

    This workshop is an easy and interactive class for you to learn the basics of connecting AND experience your own connection with your loved one, which I will guide you through.

  • Processing grief feels and sounds painful - Going through the grief process with your loved one that has crossed over, makes a SIGNIFICANT difference!

    If you want to learn to connect with your loved one and receive guidance, messages and grieve with them -

    Then this program is for you!

    Click below to start your journey with Spirit and your loved ones who work with you to learn and to grieve and release the pain and suffering.

Grieve & Release & Connect 

Learn to connect & receive your

loved one's messages 

Experiential Workshops 

Magic happens when we gather together and open the connections.

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  • Erin E Chandler
  • Erin E Chandler

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