Are You Ready to level up your Divine Connections?

This is all about you. This is all about the Divine. This is about the Divine access you have within you!

We are all born with a direct line to Spirit, consciousness and our abilities to connect. These gifts are seamlessly built into our internal compass, an integral part of who we are, what we are and why we are. It's simply a matter of knowing HOW to tap into this frequency & WHAT your unique way of connecting is!

Designed by Spirit to help you tap into the Spiritual experiences you WANT and get the foundational understandings you NEED, in order to OWN your intuitive and HONOUR your divine self. 

Awaken, Align and Embody

Although the doors have closed and the OWN your Intuitive Spring Intensive is underway, You can JOIN the waitlist for the upcoming course enrollment. Designed by spirit, Tested in the real world, so you can start tapping into all things Spirit, learn the Art Channeling, Explore the Dimensions, Master your Energy, Psychic Development and Mediumship 101, just to name a few!  Join the waitlist and I'll let you know as soon as Class is open! Let's bridge the gap from 3D to 5D consciousness!

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 This is for you if you are looking for the following Spiritual Wisdom & Abilities


 You want a clear connection & balance the higher frequency - to feel the presence and loving hand of God, Creator, Source, Spirit, All that Is. Perhaps, you are just starting out on a spiritual path. Or have been walking the path for some time now and want to expand & deepen your connections to your higher self, embodying divine energy and begin bridging the gap between 3D & 5D.

You want to learn how to tap into your Psychic abilities, Mediumship, Channelling, Quantum Healing, Angels, Shamanic Journeying, Oracles, Seers, Energy Mastery, Light working, 13 Chakras, Gods/Goddesses and Ascended Masters, Starseeds, Past lives, Dreams & Visions.

You want to learn more about the dimensions, and the different spheres of consciousness that exist. This is definitely for you if you are already shining your glorious divine light and singing your son and want to anchor it deep into the roots of the earth plane!

Further your spiritual journey, letting go and leaning into this expansion and trusting all your signs, your shifts, your messages and your knowings with crystal clear understanding of yourself and your Divine purpose.

You want to OWN your Intuitive. Own your Power. Anchor your Light & Own your Life.

Dive into Spiritual Intuition and OWN your Intuitive HERE!

Are you feeling like your intuition is on again-off again? Are you always asking for a 'signier sign' doubting? Or maybe you feel like the gifts you have are a burden, too sensitive or confusing experiences? 


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Here's just a few of the courses from my private library of Spirit taught intuitive classes

Master Your Energy

Feeling the collective energy swings? Start mastering your ability to move, shift, transform, protect and spiritually cleanse your energy, bringing a whole new level of balance, clarity, boundaries & abundant energy flow. Master your energy. Master your life.

Mediumship 101

Want to talk to dead people? Already have them connecting with you? Learn the pathways of sensing Spirit and how to receive and perceive accurate messages of validation, healing and love from those beyond the veil.

Art of Channeling

Wishing you could channel ancient knowledge, Divine wisdom or Ascended Masters and Creator itself? Learn how it works, why it works, and the step by step art of Channelling with higher frequencies of consciousness.

What Others Have Experienced And so can You!


"This program literally changed my life and everyone needs to know about this program and connecting. I can't believe how much I've grown and changed during this time."

Susan S.

"I feel more connected now and more safe being here ont he earth plane. My life is moving forward slowly and I'm not in a hurry anymore. I trust. I surrender. My mission is to be ME. The REAL me. Thank you."

Marie J.

"I am very happy that I decided to participate. Each day I came away feeling lighter and more connected to my higher self. I remembered things that I did not realize I knew. Memories came back to me, as Erin said "like puzzle pieces falling into place".  My mother, who has already passed on, held my hand. This Expansion was very special. I feel like I've ascended to a higher level."

Colette A.

"Holy guacamole! That was quite a session. Spiritually I feel like I just had a loving sit down with an elder who eased all my frivolous fears and reminded me about the beautiful Truth. Physically I feel more vibrant, energetic, calm and content. And emotionally I feel grounded, no longer overwhelmed & like I've regained my big picture perspective."."

Philipa S.

Hi! I'm Erin.



As a Spiritual healer and Intuitive Guide, I've spent a number of years diving into all things energy & Spirit since the death of my youngest daughter Ava, in 2010. Spirit has taken me to places I never imagined existed & experiencing things I never believed possible! Through teaching, writing, quantum healing, channelling, guiding through different spiritual realms and energies, I've been able to help souls from all walks of life and faith's, to transform different layers of their lives, struggles, sorrows, hearts, intuitive abilities and consciousness, so they could take the leap into the next level of their soul's journey. 

Whether you are just stepping into the wonder of Spirit, or are wide open & feel your gifts are a heavy burden, or dabbling in the Quantum Field - The Divine has shown me over and over the many paths of souls & how the shadow and light of our lives can culminate in transformation, joy, freedom, power and enlightenment for each and every one of us.

Every soul has a unique set of intuitive skills and blueprint for this life, and nothing excites me more than helping others uncover their own gifts & step into their power, freedom, magic and joy! 

Learn how you can OWN your INTUITIVE RIGHT HERE!

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The 2024 Online Courses will be available soon - Let Spirit guide you with these tools to help you tap in and co-create the life you;ve always dreamt of and get ready for a whole new way of living, a new level of consciousness, and a new way to master your energy in 2024!