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2/2 Collective Update: Growth & Current Energetic Chaos

Feb 02, 2023

Sensitives, Intuitives, and all light beings will need to Spiritually, energetically, psychically, emotionally and physically protect their energy at this time.

The collective trauma has been triggered for release and healing. This is not an attack, rather a lot of chaotic and emotive energy being released. Those that are highly sensitive beings and intuit energy on all levels, will feel these chaotic energies collide with their own energetic fields. Hence the need to ground, clear and shield your energy at this time.

The current position on the collective timeline and these moments in the time space continuum are indeed what we call scheduled trauma release, or planned energetic shifts. This often results in those that are aware to feel these impacting collective emotions and thoughts and the impact of them as they are being released. Most will have noticed this swing in energy over the recent days, along with the building of the full moon energy which is pushing the release on all timelines, encouraging and for many, forcing the cycling out of the old energies that no longer serve the new frequency or can survive the fluctuation in the energy fields and elevated consciousness.

In the physical, sensitives will experience the chaotic energies themselves or will notice this coming up with the people around them or coming to them. Some will not understand why they feel scattered, angry, chaotic, uncomfortable. On an individual basis, there are those that may feel these chaotic energies as if it is their own energy and unclear why they are experiencing those emotions, sensations, etc. It's important to have self awareness and compassion at this time, and sitting with one self in reflection and contemplation, rather than playing into the chaos. Some souls will experience this because they are indeed purging and  releasing the residue of emotions, physical template imprinting, and thought forms from previous trauma and experiences from their own journey. There will also be other souls who are simply feeling the impact of the scattered and volatile energies intensely swirling around the earth plane and consciousness because of the scheduled, trigger frequency release.  In addition, there are groups of souls that are simply witnessing the energetic fluctuations, observing those around them in chaos, karma, cycle endings and Saturn return energy.

It is important to protect oneself during these intense fluctuations for the purposes of balance and self awareness, and not out of fear. This too shall pass is an adage that will serve many at this moment in time. 

As the last two years have clearly shown and been building with different soul groups experiencing it at different times, there will indeed be a time coming when all souls on the planet will be affected.  Currently anything that is not in harmony or is incongruent with the next version, new cycle and new frequencies is being dispersed and severed.  Those that have had significant soul growth yet are still surrounded with soul contracts or experiences that have already been spiritually completed,  will also be phased out, or fall away.  Endings are also beginnings, new cycles require the closing of old cycles and energies that no longer align, nor are able to realign. The new soul contracts and experiences will reflect both the individual's soul blueprint, mission, and/or purpose, and will also be in harmony and in tandem with the collective shifting. The trajectory may feel that they are changing very quickly with the chaotic energy. However, they are divinely timed. Those already engaged in the next cycle, will continue on that timeline, and will find themselves in an observant or responsive mode, versus the reactive mode of the energies that have been dispersed.

The collective undergoes scheduled trauma residue release in order for a change to happen on the earth plane. This massive energy release triggered by wave frequencies, allows for a higher perspective, or new perspective to be seen individually and collectively. One cannot see from a different perspective if their soul has not expressed their experiences, as this results in the cycling of patterns and trauma, which has been the collective patterning for thousands of years. This is not to blame those which are not self aware, but rather, a result of systems conditioning and perpetuating broken systems. We are what we think. The deep trauma being triggered for release will allow a new perspective, understanding, healing, and trajectory.

Indeed, this will be uncomfortable for many, as change is often uncomfortable, as we experience growing pains in all forms and ways. That which was done in the dark, will be brought to light. The etheric templates will support these changes for this growth for everyone, regardless of the state of their evolution, experience or trauma - No one is ever left behind. Consciousness exists with or without a physical body template.

This is growth happening in the collective on many levels. Growth towards divine justice. Growth towards healing. Growth towards a new way of being and coexisting on earth. The collective trauma that is still sitting dormant in the collective consiousness has been triggered for change. Change for the better, evolution, harmony. There is a divine reordering in the current chaos. Disruption of what doesn't work is the only way to build what does work for all in unity and respect.

Growth says Grandmother Willow. Be still child, as the collective grows through the energy of chaos and that which was silence for so many, for so long.

2/2/2023 Channel - Erin E Chandler

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