Alchemy of Grief

Let the healing begin & your connection to Spirit Grow

One of the Greatest Healing tools in this life has been kept a secret - our connection to Spirit.

You were born connected to Spirit. You came here already plugged in to Spirit. You ARE Spirit. It is an integral piece of who you are. And this piece of you is so powerful that it transcends all life and death. This piece of you is infinite. It is the place within you, where peace, fulfillment and connection to your loved ones resides. It is where the most powerful healing and transformation happens.

Where you can see, feel and hear your loved ones in a whole new way. Where you grieve with them, instead of for them.

This is the missing piece of the foundations of healing and grief today. And it is no longer a secret. Join me to learn how to connect, easily and effortlessly with your loved ones in Spirit. 

This is where grief transforms from the unwanted, to the illuminated pathway of your healing, love and deep connection to Spirit, to the ones we think are gone.

If you want to communicate with your loved one, clearly and consistently without all the confusion and doubt, wondering if it's your imagination and looking for reprieve from the feelings of heavy suffering & grief 

Then You have Come to the Right Place

Alchemy is a process of transforming

Grief, Love and Spirit are the ingredients that go into this process


In a world where grief, sorrow and sadness is NOT openly heard, supported or acknowledged.

This is your SAFE place where you are seen, heard, felt and understood. We do grief differently here. We do it WITH our loved one who has crossed over. Using the connections to transform the pain into peace, purpose, passion and joy.

Grieve WITH your loved one, not for them. The moment you choose to open your connection to them, they are there. It's not a burden to Spirit, they are here to help you do the difficult stuff!


Grief takes up energetic space that, if not released, stay within us, fester and grow. This is where the wounds, the sorrow, the regret, guilt and anger, are finally  able to be released. Emotions are an energy that come into form and can take us down into a well of sorrow, or the heights of love & peace.

When we make space by releasing these, we then have space to receive the messages of our loved ones clearly and consistently.

Releasing is one of the keys to alchemy. We must be willing to release one thing in order to have the space to receiving the healing that our loved ones are trying to send us


One of the greatest tools in grief and loss is the ability to see, hear, feel and know when our loved ones To know they are with us and how to understand their messages, love, and guidance!

The Alchemy of Grief Courses take you through different step by step processes to easily, consistently and safely connect with your loved one on your own for healing, for peace, for connection.

Everyone is an intuitive and has access to Spirit and our loved ones - any time you choose to - This is the magick of Spirit!

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Hi! I'm Erin.



As a Spiritual healer and Intuitive Guide, I've spent a number of years diving into all things energy & Spirit since the death of my youngest daughter Ava, in 2010. Spirit has taken me to places I never imagined existed & experiencing things I never believed possible! Through teaching, writing, quantum healing, channelling, guiding through different spiritual realms and energies, and both walking with others on their grief journey, and walking the darkness myself - I've learned there is a kind of recipe for alchemizing grief and connecting with our loved ones in Spirit - And I want to share it with YOU!

Whether you have been on a long and slow grief journey, or it is fresh and raw - The Divine has shown me over and over the many paths of souls & how the shadow and light of our grief, are the ingredients for alchemizing the sorrow into joy and pain into purpose.

Everyone's grief journey is as unique as their loved one in Spirit - That's what makes the Alchemy of Grief program so powerful - Connecting with your loved one tailors the entire process to your unique experience! 

Grief & Connection Courses

Connect to the Divine & Start transforming pain into purpose & sorrow into joy.

Alchemy of Grief

Dive into ALL the ingredients of alchemizing Grief layer by layer AND Connecting to your loved one in Spirit consistently and clearly in this intensive 12 week course

  • Weekly Video Lessons and Worksheets to help you peel back the layers for healing
  • Learn the foundations of¬†mediumship & your unique way to connect to your loved one on your own.
  • Weekly guided meditations for energy clearing, cord cutting and spirit connection
  • Over 40¬†classes with easy to follow step by step tools and tips for both connecting and alchemizing grief
  • Copy of the Alchemy of Grief Workbook with additional worksheets and Spiritual teachings.
  • Scheduled LIVE Q&A Calls to Support you and Answer any. questions about the course or your experiences.
  • Do at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home.
  • Lifetime Access to online course material including any updates or additions that get added over time!



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Grief Chakra Therapy

Explore a healing journey of Grief through the eight Chakra energy centres. This eight week online course moves into understanding the chakra energy centres and how Grief is directly connected to them!

  • Understand the connection between Grief and your Chakra Energy centres.¬†
  • Learn how to clear each Chakra and identify the layer of Grief¬†it's connected to.
  • Easy to use Worksheets for each Chakra centre
  • Includes meditations to connect with¬†every chakra
  • Do at your own pace, from the comfort of your home
  • Lifetime access to course material so you can use to anytime another layer of grief waves happen!



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21 days to Spirit Connection

Experience the profound love of connecting with your loved ones in Spirit and sweep away the doubt that they are with you. In just 21 days you will be guided into deep spirit connections, healing and love. Including teachings on the pathways to connecting. This is an experience that profoundly helps the grieving heart & mind.

  • 21 Daily guided meditation Spirit connections
  • Do at your own pace from the comfort of your own home, whenever you choose
  • Understand the¬†'Clairs' & how to use these pathways to deepen your connection with your loved ones for clear connections.
  • Lifetime access to course so you can refresh your connection anytime you like!


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Let Others Inspire You.

"This program literally changed my life and EVERYONE needs to know about this program and connecting! I can't believe how much I've grown and changed during this time!"

Susan S.

"Erin is like a magician to me. A magician who made me work hard. A kind, caring, brilliant, giving shining star. I started working with her just before the first anniversary of my son's death and I have been to many therapists in my life and I had been to two grief counselors after my son passed away. NONE of these helped me in the tremendous way that Erin did. Erin is a tremendous healer. She carries a gift. Thank you Erin!"

Michael K.

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