A Little Bit About Me.

We All Start Somewhere.


You matter. Let no one and nothing, not even you, tell you otherwise.


You are an expression of God, the divine walking around in a body.


Spirit is committed to you, to your dreams - Are you committed to you?

I'm Erin


I am so honoured and grateful you are right here, right now, embodied on the earth plane, walking, stumbling or running on your journey & exploring your intuitive too!

I am a seeker of truth and an alchemist. A Mother to three beautiful children. I am a deep diver and a cosmic dreamer. A keeper of secrets and warrior of Spirit. I am both a student and a teacher, sharing the soul's wisdom as a channel and healing guide for the Great Spirit that resides within us all. I see deeply into the unseen, the past, present & future, seeing the soul blueprints, timelines and the tenderest places in the soul's heart and mind. I use this ability to share the wisdom of Spirit and to support others through seeing, hearing and feeling them deeply as they transform.

I've been given many labels over the years of helping others - Healer, Medium, a Seer, Channeller, psychic, a mystical Shaman, the Rainbow Warrior, Starseed and Lightworker....even the Death Connector! 

BUT those are simply labels. Who I am, is a Spiritual Healer, Intuitive Guide and teacher. In other words, the labels never really mattered - the underlying purpose of what I do, is what matters. I lovingly guide others spiritually, logically and emotionally through the many different paths of the divine soul's journey. Teaching alongside the Divine Spirit's wisdom, to bring through timely divine guidance for healing, activations, expansion and truth. After all, the divine is the greatest love and frequency to help us understand our journey's and ease the bumpy road so many of us have been travelling on.


This is My Story.


I did not choose this path - It chose me.

My spiritual path began when my youngest daughter, Ava, passed away unexpectedly in 2010. My entire world crumbled, and her death was just the beginning of the crumbling. From losing everything financially, having to rely on family to feed and put a roof over myself and my two other children, to developing a mysterious illness that left me incapable of functioning, unable to eat, to thrive, and no doctor able to diagnose or help me.  And then came a darkness so black, so heavy, so dense, so hopeless, that my light within went out, and all that was left was the desire to end my life. I went to the woods and whispered to the trees, "God...I give up. I just can't do it anymore." And once I committed to the decision to end my suffering, I began to plan and then

A Miracle happened.


A woman called me out of the blue just days after I'd made this decision & she said to me, "Ava has been coming to me crying, she is saying you gave up. You can't give up Mommy. You have to learn how to do this."

And just like that my desire to live was reborn in a blink of an eye. My light that drowned in darkness suddenly sparked once more. I was saved by a medium with my daughter in Spirit - talk about Divine intervention!  And then my healing journey began. Slowly, but surely, people starting showing up that actually helped me, doctors, therapists, earth angels of all sorts. And the more I connected to Ava, to Spirit - the more I healed, the stronger I became, the brighter my light grew. She has taught me the ways of connecting, the sacredness of Spirit, the unseen realms, calling on the guides and angelic realms, the nature of sentient beings, the quantum fields, the cosmos, the many truths and winding paths that consciousness is on. She guides all my teachings. She and Spirit can be credited for pretty much everything I know and do. She is the reason I developed the skills to access Divine guidance and spiritual healing to others. And the miracles for me & others have not stopped since that day.

I did not choose this path - It chose me. To lead me to my Purpose, my Joy, my Spirit and Freedom.

And I'm so glad it chose me. I wouldn't trade a moment of my journey - I love who I am and what I do. 

My Approach


Everyone is an intuitive - It is an integral part of who you are, just as the mind and the body are. We seem to often get disconnected from this in the busyness of life.

If you are breathing, you have built in access to divine wisdom, knowledge and intuitive gifts that are yours and yours alone. I am here to help you tap into them fully. To remind you of the great power that resides within you. To guide you in using this forgotten piece of who you are, so that you can live your life the way you WANT to and were meant to! 

The reason I do this work is to help empower and guide others to healing, enlightenment, love, magic, miracles, connection, bliss, peace, oneness, unabashed joy, desire, magic and wholeness - Freedom from the limitations of others AND the limitations we have unwittingly placed on ourselves. In all my suffering, I learned that I did not need to suffer and Spirit shared all the reasons why.

All of those reasons, are also the RESULT of claiming this integral piece of who you are - they go hand in hand. I know this because I've lived it. I know this because I went back to understand why and how to consistently and logically re-create a practical pathway for others to follow for themselves.  I know this because I've put it to the test with many from all walks of life.

It is simply magic.

YOU are simply magic.

This is who I am and why YOU are here.


Let Others Inspire You.

"Thank you Erin and Ava. This is one of my top experiences ever. A beautiful journey. You gave me a gift which keeps on giving. I'm so grateful."

Will J.

"Thank you for fulfilling your mission through Ava. The gift that is in you is powerful and rewarding. I love your energy and I love your waves and I’m just so grateful the wave you brought in I was able to ride it on out. You are an Angel, thank you for helping me and most of all thank you for helping me claim this unique path I’m on. You will be seeing me again, I am certain! "

Ciara R.
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