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5th New Supermoon is the ground work seeds for manifesting your Spiritual Reality!

May 07, 2024

A part of your mainframe has been officially REWRITTEN! and the seeds you plant right now are very different because they are new timeline 5D Cosmic seeds! Today is the LAST of five super NEW MOONS in a row - this is significant because the ground your planting in is, is the cosmic manifesting of the Spiritual Realities! And all of our growing pains have been preparing you for THIS REBIRTH.

We've rapidly moved through FOUR dimensions of perspective, which brings us to the fifth dimension embodiment in the physical world! This means we've highlighted where we were, where we want to be and what was in the way. This New Supermoon rises in the grounded and earthy materialism of Taurus energy, so that we can plant these seeds on this new timeline you've just entered! When we know what works, we also know what no longer works - which allows us to be very conscious of what seeds we're planting on this new timeline.  And I think we can all agree - nobody wants to plant weed seeds on their new timeline after you spent all that time healing, morphing, shifting, and breaking old chains!  This new moon is a new stage. that will bring manifestations to harvest if we are nurturing, watering and feeding with focused energy on this new timeline and rebirth of you!

Yes, new moons are new beginnings in a way, BUT this one holds 5D seeds from your sovereign etheric template, and sovereign blueprint! We are planting new seeds of thought, new seeds of action, new seeds of understanding and new seeds of empowerment that are 5D rooted on the 3d plane - on a NEW TIMELINE!  Get excited!!!! Also why the crazy energy swells, emotions, healings, old things coming up and old world wounds that came up - We were weeding them out so they don’t choke out the seeds of your new embodiment on this new timeline and expanded 5D consciousness, you’ve worked so hard on all these years!  All the healing, all the shifting, all the detaching, has all been for this NEW timeline and NEW era we have entered.

And if you want to know how obvious and ridiculously divinely designed this all was...let me help you put the puzzle pieces together for a total awareness of what we've been doing - And get ready to be proud of yourself, no matter where you are on your journey right now.....

  1. The first new supermoon on 01-11 was in Capricorn, and the 1st chakra which is the ROOT. Plus, we are aligning the perceptual dimensions for greater clarity -  The 1st dimension or experience that created that dark shadowy limiting programming and perception, so that you could choose a new lighter program. Meaning, this supermoon was propelling us to plant new seeds of positivity and growth while highlighting the ‘devil energy’ that has been on all of our past timelines. For some this was planting the seeds of courage, while weeding out the seeds of doubt. Perhaps it was planting new seed thoughts that actually feel empowering, while weeding out the disempowering and negative self talk. Maybe it was choosing yourself, and weeding out the people or circumstances that always required you to choose them instead of you.  
  2. The second new supermoon on 02-09 was in Aquarius…oh Aqua!  On the dawning of a new era, also the 2nd dimension of expression, expressing and purging all that ancestral old way of doing, thinking and being that simply doesn’t empower us, and opening to a massive shift in mind body and spirit, to align us with the cosmic shift into this new era and new way of being! February was probably a highly emotional month for a lot of people, given that it is also the 2nd chakra centre of the sacral - past lives, money, sex, sensuality, feelings and emotions that were a result of the root imbalance the month before!
  3. The third new supermoon on 03-10 was in Pisces, the residue of a Piscean era AND the third dimensional aspect of integration and understanding of what happened in our root, how it shaped and perhaps limited our emotions and perceptions of ourselves and our lives, and to FULLY understand why it all happened, where the stagnancy was, what lesson or understanding we needed to understand, in order to take back our power, our choices, and begin to create from a place of empowerment rather than creating from more old world wounds that were stagnant in the lower chakra energy centres.  The third chakra centre is, of course, our personal power.  The piscean era left a lot of soul groups feeling and existing in powerless states, so this third supermoon was getting us back on track to our own personal power and to understand where we gave our power away!
  4. Now THIS is where it starts to really hit home, in terms of what we’ve been being doing on a multifaceted scale, since the beginning of 2024…The fourth new supermoon on 04-08 was in fiery and courageous Aries, coupled with a total eclipse.  Think about this…the fourth dimension is the dimension of transcendence, meaning, moving beyond one state of being (old timeline) into a new state of being which is a more elevated state of consciousness because it is a more expanded awareness of the self.  The fourth dimension is also noted as the dimension of time and also the bridge between 3D consciousness and 5D consciousness. Also the fourth chakra energy centre of the heart and we all know the heart is the bridge between the lower earthly realms (and chakras) and the upper spiritual realms (and chakras) This supermoon was the fire of the first house of Aries which allowed us to transcend one timeline, and move into another time line.  Notice as well that time is a linear structure, where as transcended consciousness is an opening or a jumping from one timeline to another, by utilizing the dimensional perspectives and awareness. Now lets add in the total solar eclipse, which is a complete eclipsing of one state of being into another as well.  One might conclude that the fourth dimension is the transcendence of a limited consciousness and awareness eclipsed old heart and mind wounds and ways of perceiving, through the time space continuum - Now that is a cosmic bridge we all felt on some level, I’m sure!
  5. This 5th and final new supermoon is set in Taurus…and Taurean energy is very materialistic, down to earth, which gives us a really direction, as to what we wish to manifest in the real world here. Now because this is also the fifth dimension, it represents divine power, blue ray, the throat chakra which is the etheric template that we utilize to bring our world into form through your state of I AM which loops with the foundation of your root, which was clearly addressed in the first supermoon as you read above.  This means we’ve moved from the old timeline of making manifest old patterns and loops, with a less empowered I AM,  into a new state of consciousness which provides a cleaner, clearer, more aligned and empowered decision making operating system. (A whole new timeline)  And because we are now aligned with more empowered choices, (recognizing everything is a choice) and choosing what we truly want, minus the previous old world desires that were entangled and distorted with old world wounding and old paradigms… we manifest from within us, rather than attempting to control what’s outside of us. Fifth dimension is the I AM, a conscious co-creation of your world internally and externally with the Divine. 

In short…we just spent 5 new supermoons in a row to rapidly shift our consciousness through five dimensions in order to transcend multiple wounds and old embodiments of ancestral patterning, all at once, in order to jump timelines to a new state of thinking, feeling, doing and BEING - A new embodied state of awareness.  Feeling a little bit proud of yourself yet? 

Doesn’t this make soooo much sense looking back at the energies of 2024 so far in your internal and the external world?  Have you noticed your shifts and others shifts of embodied states changing, becoming aware of new gifts, perhaps a new found confidence in yourself, or your manifestations naturally aligning effortlessly? Do you feel the difference in vibrational frequencies within and without?  Can you plant your new seeds with a deeper knowing that you have gathered a ton of new cosmic 5D empowered seeds to plant AND harvest? 

So let’s celebrate and give ourselves a pat on the back and enjoy the new understandings, the lightness of frequency, the true joy of creating and lean into the strands of light and frequency connections that are being established across the Collective Consciousness at this time, as the bigger Cosmic Shift is what actually took us on this current wild ride of actively shifting back and forth between timelines, healing and awareness. And these paradigm shifts happened at a rapid pace in order to align with the cosmic shift that is happening.  Many of us have made major personal internal shifts over the last number of years, which realigned your external world around you. BUT! there is also the bigger cosmic shift that has been taking place, which means we’ve been shifting to align with the cosmic shift that’s happening… If you want more information on that, you can watch the upcoming channel on the greater Cosmic shift that’s been impacting you by subscribing to my Youtube Channel, so you'll notified of this upcoming Cosmic channel to help us navigate the new energies and understand where we are going. SUBSCRIBE HERE

Now that we’ve moved beyond some old world, Piscean age, wounding and disempowered perspectives that led to disempowered actions and manifestations - let’s plant these new seeds of expanded awareness, power, confidence, abundance, focus and makes our plans to manifest it and manifest our spiritual reality onto the earth plane!

Happy new Supermoon beautiful souls!



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