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A message of Divine encouragement...

Mar 27, 2023

A message of Encouragement from the Divine...

Remember my email back in January where I shared this...

'2022 was a year of preparation for this new timeline - this new version of you, embodying your Spirit's true self!'

Well...along the road of that 'embodying' we encounter energy that makes us want to go back our comfort zone!

With the fresh and bright Spring Equinox energies rising from the depths of it's deep and dark slumber of hibernation - it can bring some serious discomfort as it bursts forth, expands and grows!
We often think the butterfly bursts from it's cocoon and flies high and far with it's new found body and freedom...

BUT....That's not really the whole process of transformation!

Both for the butterfly, and for us, there is discomfort when we begin doing things differently than we always did. And sometimes we feel or think we should go back to the way we were doing it before, as our mind and body say hold on, that's not how we usually do it! It's important to remember that sometimes your 'comfort zone' is not comfort, it is simply the habit of what you know - whether it's good for you or not good for you.

When the butterfly steps out of it's cocoon which it struggled in the dark to break free from - it does not take off in flight right away.

Instead, it finds a safe place and space to sit. It sit's to dry it's wings from the muck it just trekked through. It sit's to adjust to the light it is now in, after being in the dark for so long. It sit's to feel and vibrate in the new version of itself, that is different, uncomfortable only because it is unknown.

When we come out of a transformation period, a phase of transformation, and step out in this new way of being and doing things, it can be very uncomfortable. We often worry, doubt or second guess this change and how we are interacting differently with the world and others - Not because it's not the way. Rather, because it is unknown to us. And just as the butterfly must attune to it's new form, new freedom and new frequency - so too do we need this period of integration, after a deep and profound transformation.

You may have notice this new energy you have embodied, speaks differently. Perhaps more openly or more thoughtfully. Maybe you've noticed that you are responding where you used to react. Or that you are expanded into considering ways of doing things that you would never have given a thought to before. And sometimes, when we experience this new way of being it can be scary and uncomfortable.

This is not an indicator that you should go back to the 'comfort zone' even though it may feel like it at times. Rather, it is an opportunity to see just how far you've come. It is in recognition of the changes you've made into a more authentic and empowered version of you. A version that has been underneath the old version's the entire time. This new version of you, has always been in your energy. Always waiting to emerge, to be seen, to be felt, experienced. Acknowledge that this too, is a part of who you are, and is a natural part of the evolution process, the rebirth.

So when the discomfort is felt, and you falter in your steps, looking back to the comfort zone with the thought of going to your past way of doing things...just WAIT. Take a moment and simply honour that past version of you. It feels different because you are different. You made a new and different choice that is outside the small box of your comfort zone. Acknowledge this and then look forward again. The discomfort you feel will pass, and over the next few months, as you continue with the flow of the divine, and the unknown ahead of you, you will find that the discomfort in this moment has turned into the most comfortable skin and version you've ever experienced.

The unknown is where you miracles are. Where your manifestations, your joy, and your abundance are waiting to be uncovered - treasures that have been protected and held just for you, for these moments. Know that when we move through transformation and come out the other side, that this too, holds discomfort at first and is a natural part of the process.

It is not time to look back and go to the past. It is time to stand in this moment, in this new energy that is powerful and magnificent. A more whole and authentic, multidimensional you has emerged.

Sit with these changes of your being, and remember - sometimes the discomfort is not telling you to go back. It's telling you a new comfort zone is being created.
It's telling you to find those that are already flying, those that have been through that same cocoon, transformation, muck and discomfort.
It's telling you to find those that understand where you are at AND are examples of where you want to go, to experience, to fly towards.
It's telling you that there is more.
It's telling you that this too shall pass.
It's telling you that the discomfort is simply a sign of your awareness of the new phase of your journey, of being - is just beginning.

Much love to you beautiful souls!

Erin xo

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