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Bloom darling. It is time...

Apr 10, 2023
A message for you from my divine daughter, AVA.
The universe wants to see you bloom.
I want to see you bloom.
I want to hear you sing - sing like your voice will die if you do not.
I want you to ignite the fierceness in your eyes, seeing through the eyes of the divine.
I  want you to breathe in the universe, drawing in the breath of creation in its entirety.
I want you to exhale love, watching the force of it ripple out into the vastness of the ocean, vibrating every drop.
I want you to sit in the stillness of a thousand masters.
I want you to paint on a canvas as wide as a house with all of the colours in the rainbow, the bright, the dark, the light, the soft - paint them all, with delight and depth.
I want you to float with the clouds, moving and transforming, not caring what you were and what you will be.
I want you to hold the flame of magic within your hand and watch it grow and move through your very being.
I want you to smile so wide and so bright that it is dripping with the joy of the world.
I want your laughter to ring in the hearts of the children around the world.
I want your tears to flow like a river, replenishing all that is thirsty,
all that needs to be drenched in healing.
I want you to jump from the nest that you so carefully sit in.
I want you to fly and feel the wind underneath your wings.
I want you to soar to heights you never imagined.
I want you to stand in the thick of the moss, feeling your roots grow down into the depths of your ancestors, alighting the wisdom of what was, transforming into to what can be.
I want you to see through the eyes of your many lives.
I want your eyes to sparkle like sapphire diamonds reflecting the sun off the water.
I want you to speak with the voice of the universe.
I want you to shine like the sun.
I want you to illuminate like the moon.
I want you to love fearlessly with pure wonder - to feel the wind on your face, to wander without a destination, without a plan, a worry or care.
I want you to dabble in your hearts desires, to look upon the earth with the curiousity and wonder of the child that has never been told who they are and what to do.
I want to watch you unfold like the flowers petals, slowly but surely, unfolding its beauty, its petals, ever changing.
I want to see you bloom.
For you are the universe in its finest form - creating, growing, changing, blooming.
Do not stop it. Do not hide it.
Let not the pools of rain nor the scorching heat, make you wilt.
Use it. Alchemize it. Transform it. Transcend it. 
Bloom where you stand, for you chose this place to bloom.
You chose the colour of your petals, the length of your stem, the number of leaves and the sharpness of your thorns. You chose it for a reason. We chose it together.
The whole universe wants to help you bloom.
I want to see you bloom.
It's time.  Bloom.
(Star of the cosmos, the sentient beings, the mother of all creation, daughter of the Fae - the ebb and flow of water, the igniter of fire, the breath of wind that clears the earthly debris, the alchemist of the broken hearted, the erector of pillars of light, the bringer of light ray frequencies, the sun and the moon as one)
-Channelled Erin E Chandler
Copyright May 2021
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