Collective Consciousness Energy Update - March 16, 2023

Collective Energy Update - March 16th 2023

Yes we are creators of our own world.
AND…Remember we are also a collective consciousness of creators. And the ONLY agenda truth at this time has, is FREEDOM.

The collective consciousness is being used to move the earth plane and all it’s inhabitants to move to a higher consciousness. Dolores…the waves of volunteers were seeded in waves in order to prepare, in order to balance as the frequency changes. It is marked in tandem and perfect divine timing with the waves of souls that would be triggered, awakened - ready for the evolution, or ascension into a greater consciousness. This process of truth unveiling creates fragmentations for those embedded in the illusion, while others it is the calling back of the fragments of themselves. Both are occurring at the same time on the earth plane and within the collective consciousness.

Waves, or stages, as one might call it, is required in order to ensure that balance can be maintained in the energetic gridlines of this plane and the collective consciousness. Should disclosure and an awakening happen all at once, too soon, or to the mass percentage of the collective consciousness, this have happened all at once, it would dip the earth plane collective consciousness into such deep turmoil that the balance would be difficult to maintain.


The solar flashes leading up to the present day, particularly in February 2023 solar flashes were a preparation for the 2024. The frequency of the solar flashes is much higher than the earth plane is used to, which is also why it must happen in stages. The solar flashes of high frequencies is designed to trigger in the solar plexus region and lower Dante to ignite personal power within each individual in the collective consciousness. Nothing can be achieved or changed easily without the activation of personal power and the original DNA of the human species. The earth plane, Mother Gaia, is changing in perfect timing and so too, is affected and influenced by the solar frequencies, as is all inhabitants of the earth plane, be it trees, water, mountains, plants, animals, people - Nothing is untouched by these frequency changes, as we are a collective consciousness. If you are experiencing physical symptoms, emotional, etc, due to the frequency change of the solar flashes, you can ease these symptoms simply by attuning your mind and your energy towards higher frequencies, thus allowing your vibration to more easily match and flow with the higher frequency. Rest, hydrate, meditate. Use your mind wisely, this is your power, which you can use to move through this next phase.

As Divine power is being restored within each individuated soul at this time. This will inevitably create chaos in the collective consciousness and the systems that have been keeping the collective in holding patterns along with those at the top of the food chain. As consciousness changes, universal laws will come into play, including the hidden ones and all loopholes that are unknown, which allow the coercion and manipulation of free will, will not only be identified, but closed. Including all portals and astral travel that is meant to confuse and disrupt with dense, heavy and dark attachments and energies. These are being closed at this time.

For those that intuit or sense this within and around the energy fields, those speaking truth, those transmuting and removing the dense vibrational frequencies, will notice, perceive this chaos through all realms. It is IMPERATIVE that those awakened anchor their light and stand in their I AM presence, strengthening their energetic boundaries and clearing their subtle energy bodies. This allows the maintaining of the balance in the energetic and spiritual planes.
Remember, we are a collective consciousness. Simply observe and identify what is not yours, particularly those that are acutely sensitive. Let go of all FEAR, and any energy of fear that appears should be soothed, swept away as we move through the rest of this month. There is a triad in the Pacific Ocean region that will be significantly affected through the earth plane, which touches Indonesia, Japan and Hawaii. The tsunamis are a result of the split in the oceanic floor, as posted in early February, in relation to the fault lines. As the foundations underneath the earth’s surface are affected, it triggers more cracks, more volcanoes, more tsunamis, more breaking away, more changing. The earth plane will be vastly different by the time we reach the end of 2024. Here is a link to the post back in February noting the split in the ocean floor and other information regarding the cyclone energy, a reference to the location of Pacific Ocean.

The Schumann resonance confirms all of this and shows the evidence of the energetic shift and changes to the earth's vibrational frequencies, back through the month of February and is a clear marker of the effects of the earth’s reactors to the higher frequencies, in regards to measurement.
Again…remember, everything happens in the energy fields before it happens in the physical form.

Please remember, as a collective consciousness, your vibrations, thoughts, and energy , MATTER.
Chaos is the divine re-ordering at this time. Embody your highest self, observe. There are those of us that are holding the energy outside the earth plane to dull the solar flash effects in order to allow it to come in waves and stages for the inhabitants of the earth plane to be able to adjust as easily as possible and gradually. Great change such as this, which is the great awakening as many call it, is the awakening of all things, of consciousness, of the earth, of truth, of light, of history, which means towers must fall, healing must happen. Trust this process by going within as what is around you changes. Discern with your own intuition, rather than giving away your power to the stories or the programs, or conditions and reactions.

This too, must be in waves or stages. To disclose to the world all at once, would create an imbalance that would require mass destruction and is not the way of Creator. The planetary commission along with many around the world in positions to create and/or implement the necessary changes are all working together, despite it being undercover, unseen, unknown to many at this time. Disclosure must be in waves because of the effect of truth on the consciousness and minds of human beings. Remember, it is not easy to receive the information coming, nor see the truths that have been hidden. There will be grief. There will be anger. There will be disbelief. We are a collective consciousness, and although you seek truth, there is a gentler way to deliver it, which the outcome is the same - it is simply a gentler path.
Which must be chosen by each.

Indeed there will be many that have chosen very soon, to release the earthly body in order to aid from the spiritual realms of consciousness, as well as aiding in the healing, for grief and death in the collective consciousness will be used to trigger awakening as well. This is part of the shift and evolution into the higher planes of consciousness and understanding that there is no death, there is only change.

Those that have already awakened, moving within regions of the brain and body, combining the Spirit, will be opened to deeper and higher connections along with a wider breadth and access to consciousness. The frequency of linear time on the earth plane created by man, are simply ways to mark existence, moments, changes. Time, is an illusion, only for this reason, it is simply a way to mark the past, present and future, benchmarks to mark existence, if you will.
The concept of time shifts in the ascension process, meaning, as each person takes back their power and sovereignty, universal laws such as cause and effect now come into play with a quickened or shortened time between the cause and the effect. This is why it is important at this time to step into your personal power and the solar flashes and the earth plane changes - when each soul steps into it’s own power, they are no longer taking, doing, or receiving the effect of someone else’s cause. This patterning has delayed many on the path of ascension. This is part of the frequency changing and the patterns being highlighted and the structures being dismantled.

This is also why all of the intuits, and light workers were called to gather together at an earlier date - (You can read this channel at the link below) As the great awakening unfolds those of a higher consciousness, when gathered, amplify the higher vibrations which ripples into the collection consciousness and frequencies - as we are all connected, whether known or unknown, felt or unfelt. The gathering of these beings with higher frequencies, both strengthens them and easily lifts the vibrations of those they are connected to, simply by being. As the densest energies come to a shattering point, and the bindings are released, those of light and speaking truth are targeted, as has always been the case in the history of man and human kind on the earth plane. This is and was the reason for the gathering of light, to strengthen it, to amplify it, to anchor it, to ensure the balance of the collective consciousness as it moves through these massive changes on all levels.
For more great change is afoot, it has already been stirred in the momentum of the energy planes. Release all fear and ego, for you will all need each other, and each brings to the table a piece of the puzzle, and one puzzle piece is no more important than other. In fact, they compliment each other, they are designed to work together seamlessly as the pieces fall into place.

A message for STARSEEDS, LIGHT WORKERS & LIGHT BEARERS at this time….

You are ALL breakers of curses, healers of light, truth tellers, spiritual warriors.
YOU ARE MORE POWERFUL than you think. This is WHY you have been taught and conditioned to think you are not powerful. It is a lie. You are the answer.

STARSEEDS: you have been seeding light since the beginning of this earth’s consciousness in many forms, you are many and seeding light can be a thankless job for no one sees the seed underneath the soil. Know that nothing grows without the seed, for it is the most important job, without the seed there is nothing there. You have been seeding light in the dark, for the dark is what illuminates the light, allows the seed to push through the earth planes.

LIGHTWORKERS: you have been here raising the vibration and frequency of consciousness one day, one step and one being, at a time. No matter how big or small your role may seemingly be, or you may think - without you, the collective consciousness would not be able to ascend, evolve, etc. So too, has your job appeared and felt throughout your journey to be fruitless. And yet, the fruit you bear is more massive than you can fathom. When returned to the Spirit, all things will be seen and understanding assured. Continue to hold the frequency of light. You came here for the great awakening in order to raise the light frequencies in the darkness.

LIGHTBEARERS: your anchor is what feeds the roots and energies of the the lightworkers and the seven sisters seed planets, as you may well know and be aware of. This does not take away from you, but empowers you even more. One must move through the experiences of the collective’s dark in order to bear the light for all those about to move through that darkness. This was the reason for your journey as it was. To experience, to understand, to integrate and to transcend, as an embodied example of what all beings are capable of, have within them, innately, unequivocally, across all time.

Things are going to get messier, and more chaotic as these changes happen both on the world stage, the community stage and on a the personal front. It is inevitable as a higher consciousness requires the purging of the lower dense vibrations that exist in this consciousness. You can consciously choose to stand in your power, to take back your power where needed, to speak your truth IN your full personal power, without shaming, blaming or taking away from another. This is the way. Gather.
The path forward has been illuminated.
If your path is to bear light and love - bear it
If your path is to teach a new way of being - be it. teach it.
If your path is change things - change it.
If your path is to create - create it.
If your path is to sing and to dance - sing and dance.

Each path feeds the consciousness, each teaching paves the path for new thought consciousness, each light and smile and echo of love clears the path for more. You are the answer, no matter the role, the whole needs all parts running and humming and vibrating in order to move consciousness, bringing a gentle touch where we can, through these changes.

Truth begets Truth.
And the ONLY agenda truth has, is FREEDOM.
Spiritually, mentally, emotionally and consciously, according to free will.”

Channel Erin E Chandler

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