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Destroy the box that constrains you - Then create one that delights and expands you.

Jul 06, 2023
"When you look way down deep inside, when you really unearth what is hiding in there, underneath it all, beyond the mind..what do you see?
Do you turn your cheek away from pain or suffering the lingers down deep?
Or do you dig and dig, no end in sight?
Maybe you shine a quick light and say nothing there.
Or perhaps you marvel at the cosmos that reveal themselves underneath it all.
Look deeper my child...
And you will see the earth plane has been filled with illusion and backwards teachings.
To look outside instead of inside.
To follow time instead of making time.
To plan for the worst instead of creating for the best.
To fear change, and search for the peace of the constant - yet never being told the only constant is change.
Telling us to see it outside of us, before we can believe it - When we must believe it inside of us before we will see it.
They told us it must be one way for all -
Yet we are really 7 billion 'one ways'.
That you ARE one way, no more & no less.
And he is his way, and she is her way and I...I am my way.
They said hide in your difference of others, there is shame when you are not the same.
While Creator said shine in your uniqueness for I created your special imprint to be different, and only yours.
They conditioned us to play within the box.
The box they made, with trap doors and loopholes, a maze borne of man, of greed and power, confusion and fear.
They did not realize it.
They didn't realize we will discover that we can create our own boxes - that we are made to create.
They never thought that we would look upon the box so carefully constructed for us to play in, that we would see...that we will know that box is not ours, and we will destroy that box and begin creating a new.
Creating boxes of our own, from within, so without, as above so below, 3x3 marked for flight, 3x3 burning barriers, 3x3 bringing light unto the darkness.
And we will create from this new found energy within, this knowing that lays dormant inside of us.
And we will remember.
Not what we are told to remember for history is 'his story'
We remember the feeling, the wisdom and the knowing of consciousness pasts, the revolution and the future. For one doth claim, that he whom masters the present moment is able to master their past, healing, wholing integrating.
And only once that is complete doth one have clarity in the present moment and see the future, divine the future..for sheer that controls their future, controls all.
This is why they distract you from the present moment. Why the tracks of the mind replay the past. Why trauma has been the greatest barrier carried forward the lineages.
This also why they implant fear of the future - For thoughts are like shadows that can stain the fabric of one's future. And feelings silenced and denied can distort the vision or the knowing, with the wounds of the past which create fears of the future.
The present moment is currently being used to release the past and clear the wounds. Purifying the minds, the bodies, the spirits and the souls.
Then we move into our knowing.
As it peeks into our awareness, unfolding what was folded so tightly within.
Unraveling the fraying threads and knots.
It will come in waves, some days in a second, while others span days.
It will be a moment here and a moment there.
A quick flash of insight.
Or a sleepy remembering and dream like knowing.
All in the present.. the present moment is indeed a gift, a present.
It is also pre - sent.
The divine connecting within, is pre-sent, precognitevly sending you information, signs, knowings, wisdom, illuminating your way, your path, your truth, all that is, what is hidden behind the veil, where all is known in its great expanse of consciousness.
All of your knowing is pre-sent to you as a present, a gift - in the present presence of this moment. Where all things exist. Where all things are known. Where you are one with all and all is one with you.
You were pre-sent by the divine, as the divine, for the divine. In service to you, in service to others.
In this moment, in this presence, in this knowing.
Shine bright dear ones.
Destroy the box that constrains you.
So you can create one that delights and expands you.
Shine bright like a diamond."
-Channel Erin E Chandler
July 2023

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