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Equinox + Harvest Super Moon = NEXT LEVEL TRANSFORMATION!

Sep 25, 2023


This Equinox energy and the upcoming Harvest Supermoon is packed with so many deep revelations, with deep and profound impace for all of us - It's actually a little SCARY!

Let me explain.

It's just a season change, they say - BUT...I'm going to highlight the four markers of why it's soooo much more, so you can see exactly why this potent mix of cycles and season is deeply revealing and deeply healing - which equals deep RADICAL CHANGE in our lives and timelines - So yes - This time and energy is both terrifying and exhilirating - It may leave you wanting to hide and contract OR fuel your desire to expand leaps and bounds.

Here's the four markers of this intense change energy that have been leading up to this supermoon, are currently in play, and where they are all headed. ALL connected and divinely designed to reveal you, heal you, and activate the whole of you;


1. We began this particular moon cycle with the intense new moon in Virgo, with it's ruler Mercury direct, AND trined with Uranus in Taurus - That's some serious momentum and power that equals EARTH MAGIC at its finest! Rooting and grounding our focus on stable action in the physical, pushing us to speak, to create, to test, or to begin bringing into form, our actual dreams. 

This energy was so powerful, that you likely felt the urge AND acted - to create, to start something new, or a final push to begin a long held dream, Perhaps you made a change that took you years to make, or spoke louder than you've ever spoken before. Perhaps enough disclosures came out that you said enough is enough and decided to speak your truth!  Regardless, we were fuelled by potent earth energies so that we stopped thinking about it and starting doing something about it!


2. Then we shifted through a natural cycle of quarterly change, the mid seasons Equinox a few days ago. The equinox is a reflection of the good and the bad, the success and failures, what you need to know, see, or understand, about what you actually want. It's asking the questions like what do I need to nurture to continue the momentum?

Where were the distractions or time that I spent on stuff that didn't matter to me?

What about my relationships, my beliefs, my thoughts, my life and the timeline I'm currently on...that is perhaps NOT conducive or aligned with my dreams, the life I actually want? 

And the next question would be, then what IS in complete alignment with what I want? 

Who and what about myself, do I need to let go of, in order to BE, DO & RECEIVE what I actually want!?!

Dang...this energy can be terrifying because it is illuminating the highs and the lows, the dark and the light, who you were AND who you weren't - Through sacred reflection and asking powerful, yet simple questions of ourselves, that blaze a new path that can surprise us! I mean, can we really complain about our life if we are continuing to choose the thoughts, relationships, actions and ways of being, that compound or always lead to that life that we say we don't want and complain about? 

What IS versus what we WANT, and WHY what we WANT, does not align at all with what IS.

Oopphhh do I ever feel that last question sometimes!


3. In case you've forgotten, we just came off three SUPERMOONS! Three by three amplified! And this is the fourth and final supermoon we are coming up on. Like anything that has the word 'super' in it... it's always extra gritty, extra strong, extra obvious, extra potent, sometimes extra unavoidable and well... SUPER!  This harvest moon is a super culmination energy, a harvest, a transcendence, a reward perhaps, for all our hard work from the winter of 2022 up until now.  Each of us will experience the SUPER factor in our own way.  And the fact that we even have four supermoons in a row for 2023 is a HIGH IMPACT change marker.  (You can catch the upcoming channel on WHY this is way more significant than we realize, later this week on Youtube)  SUBSCRIBE TO WATCH ON YOUTUBE HERE!


4. This harvest moon is in Aries, which is supercharged with the push to bring things into form, and for some a complete unraveling of everything that has been standing in the way of moving forward for your highest good. Consider this your heads up, about the energy of this last supermoon. IT WILL BE DEEPLY REVEALING - Here's why;

Aries is the 1st house of astrological houses. It is the I AM, Root Chakra energy centre. It is illuminating any I AM roots that no longer belong after being revealed by the last nine months of our lives....because the last nine months was likely showing you clearly what your whole life I AM has been, very clearly!  It is a new birthing of a state of being, just as your past was the result of the birth of a previous state of being. This means deep transformation.

Which brings us back to the old wounded healer Chiron, which showed up in the planetary aspects not that long ago on the Blue Supermoon!


NOW...a supermoon in Aries has all the fire and feels. With the I AM of the 1st house, no longer accepting any energy from itself that says I CAN'T, it is inevitable that the internal energy changing and shifting with new boundaries, will naturally remove any external energies that went along with the 'I can't' and limitation party. They only have two options when we reclaim this healthy I AM energy - Either grow with us or fall away, they can choose to change themselves and come along for the car ride OR stay the same and get out of your car, cause it's costing you extra gas!  Listen...this energy is intended to deeply impact us.

It is deeply revealing.

Deeply healing.

Deeply life changing.

Deeply magnetic.

Deeply raw, powerful and whole.

So lean in, my friends.

If I have learned anything through both my own trials and tribulations, AND through helping others navigate their deepest wounds with the help of Spirit - IT IS THIS;

The more we allow ourselves to be revealed, the more healing that will drench our mind and Spirit.

The more that we flow with the ocean when she pulls us into her depths and mystery - The more magic, wisdom, light and peace we will always come back to our surface with. For our surface is merely a covering veiled over our depths, the surface the lid that contains the contents of its pot.

And as we call back the whole of us, we begin to understand that we only needed to allow ourselves to be deeply revealed, deeply felt, deeply seen, by the self. For, is that not the wholeness we have been seeking all along?

As always, I am sending you much love, light, peace...along with revealing healing!



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