Divine Channels & Ascension

February Ending with A deep spiritual Cleanse.

Feb 24, 2024

Friends....I have to share this with you....

Whether you know it or not, we are undergoing in the spiritual and energetic realms, a major overhaul, a deep purification, a heart and mind healing, a physical purging of old energies. I knew this was coming, and I knew it has been playing out spiritually for a number of weeks - What I didn’t realize on the 20th, was the magnitude of the intensity and impact this will have on the collective consciousness and what that brings for different groups of soul pods at this time and how it will affect the collective moving into March because of these two energy activations for a massive group of souls that just happened.  And the deep spiritual cleanse we are experiencing, spans mind, body and soul in the most beautiful and cathartic ways.

On February 20th we had a massive collective crown chakra opening? This means divine information is flooding in for those already open AND a sudden opening for those that had disconnected from this spiritual information previously.

Did you also know that on February 22nd, the 222 portal, there was a frequency alliance that impacted a large group of souls in the collective conscious, that actively opened the third eye chakra and pineal gland through a frequency activation, which is allowing them the ability to see the illusions, they don’t want to see, whether they wanted to or not?

Did you also know that right now is the high tide of the MICRO full moon in Virgo which is using the little things to guide us to MASSIVE understanding and deep healing? This is the BIG stuff that appears to be a LITTLE thing or a subtle shift....but its huge and it’s messy and it’s beautiful when I see the frequencies...absolutely stunningly beautiful.

Here’s how the potential timelines may manifest, what this means for your already existing or dormant intuitive abilities and WHY your going to need to anchor your energy, shield transferences in the collective of these dense energies - Which will allow you to ride the wave of the higher frequencies and beauty RATHER than get sucked in and drown in the undertow of the energetic mess that major pockets of the collective consciousness are currently in or heading into right now:

1. A massive group of connected soul pods that just had the crown opened and the third eye activated will be undergoing what one may call the dark night of the soul. When the energy in the subconscious comes into the conscious awareness for this many souls at once, it can feel unbalanced for any soul pods in connection or the highly sensitive soul groups who are already tapped into the collective consciousness.  Think about each of your experiences through that 'dark night of the soul' or anytime you've undergone transformation - It's huge emotions. there's anger, there's denial, there's grief, and a whole lot of other things in the mix. In other words, a massive amount of people are about to enter this phase and many of them, for the FIRST time, AT the same time.   HOLD YOUR FREQUENCY and HOLD COMPASSION.

2. This activation potentially creates an even greater divide and duality in the conscious waking world. It is inevitable that if we are raising consciousness, that the old energies, density and unconscious will come up and out to be illuminated, to be healed, so that those souls consciousness can raise. Remember, to go from one state of being to another, we are identifying, understanding and then discarding the old in order to expand into the new.  The extreme duality stems from both the idea of separation, and the natural laws of polarity. As we reconcile the duality through the third dimension, it can result in this extremism - Particularly because this massive group of souls, does NOT WANT to see what is being illuminated, which creates things like wars, hate, black and white mentalities, etc. THIS WILL SHIFT IN TIME, HOWEVER IS PART OF THE INDIVIDUATED SOUL'S PROCESS WHICH IS ULTIMATELY FELT BY THE COLLECTIVE WHOLE.

3. Your gifts will also have been activated by the Cosmic Frequency Activation to the Crown Chakra on the 20th. This means two things....more spiritual and energetic awareness, experiences, and incredible fast moving manifestations, along with the activation of any dormant psychic abilities, energy healing abilities will be amplified and obvious, you may find you have sudden access to multiple dimensions and realms that you've not experienced before or become clearer, louder and more pronounced for those already aware.  There will also be some individuals who experience sudden 'enlightenment' or understanding, appearing to have shifted on a dime. REMEMBER: WITH GREAT ABILITIES COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY, WHICH REQUIRES GREAT UNDERSTANDING - SO  USE YOUR GIFTS WISELY AND BE MINDFUL OF YOUR  BOUNDARIES AND THE BOUNDARIES OF OTHERS.

4. Karma is balancing out right now. You may have noticed things slowly but surely being righted, seen for what it is  and ongoing collective trauma being illuminated to the public, more and more.  Justice is not about making someone pay. It is about righting the balance. The concept of Karma is taking actions and the result of those actions through different aspects, whether positive or negative. Also in alignment with Cause and Effect. We must see the imbalance and injustice in order to move into balance and bring justice to the areas that need it. This is an internal process, which then unfolds or explodes (depending on the driving force) in the external.

5. When we have a significant shift in consciousness, the earth plane is shifting at the same time. Gaia is sometimes shifting which results in the collective being forced to adapt to her shifts. And vice versa, when we shift, Gaia to shifts because we have shifted. We impact each other. One shift affects the whole whether positive or negative, whether seen or unseen. The waves of frequency heightening will have been caught on the schumann resonance. Indeed there is another major impact to the earth and ground upon us, cracking and quaking the earth due to the swells on the ocean, directly coming from the earths core shifts. Higher category disasters will be seen, including category nines and massive undertows, which was channelled in early February for this month.

6. On a more individual perspective....you may experience deep cathartic and healing energy, both emotionally, mentally and physically at this time. Your frequency is heightening, therefore lower frequencies and trauma and hurts, along with ancestral patterns, encased life force energies, are being burst by beautiful Pluto, who's game is one of glorious freedom and empowerment of the self.  If you experience these, simply detach, let it flow through for transmutation and allow your vessel to be emptied of the deep residue and dense energies attach to them... Feel, Rinse and Repeat until the deep cleansing is completed and suddenly you'll be singing, "I can see clearly now the rain is gone!"

7. Those that are highly sensitive: It is imperative to anchor and shield your energy as these things take place. Those of heightened consciousness hold the balance for the collective consciousness as we move through this massive shift and this is of utmost importance to maintain balance through this phase. Detaching completely ensures that you don't get sucked down into the battle of duality and extremes, bringing your frequency down which adds to the imbalance. When one maintains their higher frequency, understanding and compassion, everyone you touch frequencies with is slightly elevated in their frequency which gives them a moment of clarity, which then allows them to see from a new perspective, which naturally allows those souls to begin the soul expansion or work, because they encountered a more aligned frequency. You indeed may notice that being around certain people or dense vibrations may make you feel physically ill....pay attention to those things, as there will be energies you simply won't be able to tolerate anymore. PLEASE BE SURE TO PROTECT YOUR ENERGY FROM TRANSFERENCE OF LOWER ENERGY VIBRATIONS SO THAT YOU CAN EASILY MAINTAIN YOUR FREQUENCY.

8. Last but not least.... a wise soul said to me once, 'ALL IS WELL, BECAUSE IT IS, AND ALWAYS WILL BE.'  High or low frequency, dark or light, each is a beloved of the divine and of equal value. Although we are each on our own journeys and paths, they all come back into the One infiinite Creator. I am you and you are me in this way. So take moments to lean into your joy. Play without worry. Speak what you wish. Love whom you want. Dream a bigger dream. Stand for what you believe in. Have compassion. Dance with the Creator.

Enjoy the deep catharsis, feel the lightness of your energy, as your purified and hear the wisdom of your experiences, allowing it to refine you. You are the Divine's Beloved - We all are. 

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