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Follow your Arrow wherever it Points…

Jan 01, 2023

January 1, 2023

I've spent alot of time crafting and pointing arrows, but NOT following them.

And therein lies the issue...

What good is an arrow, a dream, a goal, a desire, a wish - if you place that arrow on your bow and aim, but NEVER let it fly, never follow it's path to the destination you actually want!

Every year, I would craft and accumulate arrows that I had sharpened with dreams, feathered with inspiration, engraved with motivation, carved with intention by my heart and soul. Each one, a creation waiting to be brought into form, an adventure waiting to taken, a desire waiting to be fulfilled. Every arrow an expression of all that I am, all that I dreamt, all that I desired. And as each arrow was crafted, shaped and moulded to the exact dream and goal, I would bring it to my bow taking steady aim, pulling back the arrow preparing it to take flight -  yet I could not fully let them fly. I couldn't let them hit the mark, some never even leaving my bow.

I had created a large bundle of arrows that all got put in my sack of dreams on my back, that I dare not take the chance to aim, the sack of dreams that were never given the chance to take flight. 

I could envision the most incredible dreams, the feelings, the outcomes. I could aim them and see the mark, see the goal and all the places the arrow might pass to get there. But I just couldn't shoot it, I couldn't follow my arrow.

Sometimes it was because of the sheer fear of the unknown - what if I failed? What would people say? What if they think I'm crazy? What if all goes wrong? Or worse, what if I try and end up losing what I have and who I am now and just end up a fool with nothing to show for it?  Never, in all those years, did it occur to me that a better thought was, what if I succeed? What if others love it like I do? What if people are experiencing the same crazy too and my crazy is just like theirs? What if all goes right? OR better - what if it doesn't go to plan at all, BUT something even more amazing comes out it? Both thought pathways are equally powerful, one is negative and puts the arrow back in the sack - and one is positive and let's the arrow fly. Fear is where some of my dreams got stuck.

There were times, I took my arrow off the bow when other's opinions came into the mix. When I shared my dreams and ideas, my visions, instead of excitement, I was told it couldn't happen, it wasn't possible, I wasn't capable. I didn't know then what I know now - An opinion is simply a difference of experience. Looking back I had placed my arrows back in my sack because others had negative opinions on something they had never experienced, never done, nor could fathom. Like whatever the dream  I was dreaming of was too lofty, too crazy, didn't follow the norm, was too risky, was too everything to even attempt. Opinions from those that dared not dream outside the box, rock the boat, change the landscape and definitely never let their arrows fly either.

Here is what I have come to learn from all those arrows, all those dreams, all those divine inspirations that I never followed.

When we dream of something, envision something, are so passionate about an idea, just bursting with creativity and motivation - perhaps it is not 'just a dream' at all.  Perhaps it is one of the things we came to do, to be, to experience in this life. And we are receive the dream, the vision, the idea, when we are ready to build it, ready to nourish that particular seed in our field of dreams. And what if you only receive that dream because it is what you will be doing, what you came for, your spirit's calling, part of your divine soul blueprint? And what if that dream that inspires you, makes you feel giddy, bubbling with joy as you carve the arrow of it - is simply one step to an even bigger dream, that hasn't even come into your awareness yet? That will only come to you once you shot the first arrow.

But if we never shoot the arrows that are carved of our dreams, that dream does not come into form.

It's not a dream, it is your soul showing you the way, your way. It's the arrow you receive, in order to show you the path to follow.

One cannot dream anything that is impossible. If you can dream it, wish it, desire it, feel it, see it - it's because IT IS POSSIBLE. And it's possible for you, because YOU wished it. YOU dreamt it.

So grab your that old sack of arrows my friend. Pull them out and dust off the arrows of your hopes and dreams that you've forgotten or put on the shelf under the blanket of fear and doubt. Those are your arrows because they are possible for YOU. Because they are part of your Spirit. The dream exists so you can create it. That dream exists in your heart and mind because of YOU - because you exist. 

Follow your arrow wherever it points - you made the arrow and point it. This is the year to take aim and actually let it fly - to let it exist, to let it take form, to make your soul sing.

Just as Wayne Dyer once wrote, "Don't die with your song still in you"....don't carve and gather arrows made of your dreams and never shoot them, never follow them.  Follow your arrow wherever it points.

Wishing you a new year filled with love, truth and blessings always, and in all ways, as my dear friend says. Much love to you and yours for 2023.



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