Forgiveness is an act of Self Love - A channel from the Mother of all Creation

POWERFUL channel from the Mother of all Creation Energy - May 2022❤. You are going to want to watch the channeled video regarding this, channeled with Thich Nhat Hanh, Archangels, Dolores Cannon and Norse God Odin!  Watch HERE after reading this channel:

"Forgiveness is an act of self love. 
It is the act of loving the self enough, not to carry the burdens of shame, guilt, regret and betrayal of others.
The act of loving the self enough, to keep loving despite anothers inability to.
The act of the loving the self enough, to allow the people we love to work through their own self forgiveness.
The act of loving the self enough to know when it wasn't about you.
The act of loving the self enough to know when it was all about you.
The act of loving the self enough to know that they, know not what they do.
The act of loving the self enough to know that sometimes, you too, know not what you do.
Forgiveness is an act of self love, for they truly know not what they do.
And it is written...
For every face that I may look upon with deep compassion, I shall write upon their chains, 'I forgive'.
And every act of greed and abuse of power, I say - they are the powerless, they are the downtrodden, they are the burdened, by demons and dark.
Forgive them, for they know not what they do.
Forgive you, for allowing their demons to haunt you.
For you too, sometimes, know not what you do.
Forgive them, for they know not what walks behind them.
They know not the dark that whispers in their ear.
They know not of the contracts secretly held above them.
They know not of the invisible chains of old that are binding them.
They know not that their mind is not their own.
They know not of the others attached to them, layered upon them.
They know not of the deception laid in front of them, labelled as truth.
Forgive them, for they know not what they do.
They have forgotten light and miracles.
By force the dark stepped in, their innocence stolen, their hearts blackened,
Theirs minds twisted and confused.
Their Spirit's squashed and their lights dimmed. The voice inside the mind, no longer theirs - making the divine director, the source of all creation, no longer audible.
They cannot remember the love of God, the love of men. They have have forgotten the heart of woman; the creation of man. They don't know what a miracle is anymore, nor the joy of life, the magic of Spirit, the essence of Mother God.
Forgive them, for they know not what they do. Forgive them, as I have.
May God place light upon them, within them. And remembrance in their mind.
Ignite love in their hearts once again.
Place miracles in front of their eyes.
Make me a channel of thy peace.
Where there is despair, may there be hope.
Where there is hate, replace it with love.
Where there is fear place the sanctity and security of Mother God.
For when they know what they have done.
The crushing weight of horror will seep in, doubling the devils duty.
And therein lies the great power of LOVE.
That is where the ultimate act of forgiveness is given to the them.
For the burden of the person acting as the oppressor is twice as great as the person receiving that unholy act in those moments. For they know not the truth.
Forgive them, for they know not what they do.
And it is written still.
I weep not for what they have done to me.
I weep for them, in the moments thereafter, where they see what they have done, when they see what has been done through them, when they see how it was done to them.
And I ask that they be forgiven, as I have forgiven them. For they have been tortured by shame, leaving holes where pieces of them have been stolen. Used by dark to fill the holes where light once resided, where I once nurtured them.
I ask that my angels be returned once more, and their wings of white, painted black, now cleansed in the water of light and purged from the heavy tar and ashes of man.
For I have wept for a thousand men and a thousand more, that could not weep for themselves, nor face the burdens of their guilt, that carries them through the brush fires of hell.
And even still, do I cry out for their soul to be returned, their innocence restored, their light to be remembered.
For God forgives and loves all children, they are a piece of heavenly creation, created for earth- where heaven was meant to be a place on earth.
May innocence be returned.
For they have taken my children.
Denied them and shamed them, made them believe what they are not, then turned their eyes to hate, dividing them, draining them, hurting them, forcing them down to willingly bow before a false entity.
Then turning them on each other.
For it is not the true God that withholds truth, forgiveness, love and light.
It is God's children that withholds forgiveness of themselves.
It is my children who hath not learned to love themselves. Deeper still, it is the Gods of man that seek to blind God's children - that struggle and suffer to forgive themselves - weighed down by hate and shame, smothered in darkness - and it is the devil which hath placed these burdens upon them, these illusions through them, these chains that hold them.
For the dark has not been a test of God in all ways - it has been the works of those thwarting light, those that wish to chain and enslave, those that prize power over heart, hierarchy over unity, those that do not value the sanctity of christ of the sacredness of each her children.
It is the work of those that chose to suppress the Mother of all creation and oppress all her children.
Let their be light.
For it is the true God whom shines light in all darkness.
It is God who reclaims her children, one by one, truth by truth, tear by tear, light by light, healing by healing. And it is she who will cast divine judgement and forgiveness wherever it be rightly so.
And it is she who shall restore divine order, compassion, equality, unity, grace and love.
For it was she who was betrayed at the beginning of all time.
And the illusion of time shall be revealed for all to know.
And those with eyes of hers will see that she stands in all times, all history, all realms, all dimensions, all universes.
She stands in the the time space continuum, for all to see.
She is the continuum of all creation.
She is home.
And she is calling us home.
©️Erin E Chandler - May 30th 2022
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