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Growth & the Wisdom of Grandmother Willow

Feb 03, 2023

Growth says the Grandmother Willows.....

Many things happen in growth on many levels, inside and outside.

Many circumstances are required for different kinds of growth.

And without them, the growth does not happen - it cannot happen when the experience required for the growth is not experienced.  

Growth is not achievable nor sustainable without a root system that can weather it, that anchors it, that allows the reaching upwards to happen. 

You have been growing dear one. You have been deepening and widening your roots underneath the surface, where others do not see. Look not upwards to ascertain your achievements, look below you, look in the spaces in between, look to your ancestors and generations past. Look at the foundations underneath, where society dares not look, nor is tangible to the outer world.

Roots are the foundation of all things.

Emotionally, Physically, Psychology, Energetically.

Roots are thought forms, experiences, emotions, all coming from quantum entanglements as we move along the journey in the outer world and inner worlds.

It is in the growing of stable and healthy roots, that so too do the crooked and feeble, the rotten and the stagnant or false roots fall away, as they are choked out or die off, no longer needed or do not belong to begin with.

This is a natural part of the growth process.

No tree, just as no person, can stand in the glorious light up in the sky, without a root system, a base, a foundation that balances and holds steadfast through the storms. To grow tall and quickly leaves the tree vulnerable with no legs to stand upon.

Hence, the divine aids you, and us all, in weaving a root system underneath that will sustain you, that cannot be ripped out by the top, that cannot be washed away by a flood, nor whipped away by a small wind.

Your roots have grown, they have been learning, exploring, making and unmaking underneath the surface. This too was divinely planned.

For indeed, you with great purpose requires passion, discipline, devotion and strength in order for that purpose to be fulfilled. If the purpose is but small and miniscule, the root will be matched to this energy. And if the purpose is mighty, wide and tall - so too must those roots system match this energy, also growing deep and wide. Know that both mini and mighty roots all serve the network, one is not better or worse than another, for all mighty purposes began as mini, and all mini roots can grow mighty.  They serve each other in this way.

As above, so below.

You have weathered many storms, and your roots are thick and deep from your journeys. Many of these storms have tried to uproot you, not realizing the depth and breadth of the roots the divine has nurtured within you, around you.  It matters not what storm comes. What matters is the root system that anchors the tree to weather the storm, that anchors you.

Think of me, the willow, the trunk is the main vessel where everything travels through. My branches reach high up in the sky, and my vines sway in the wind, supple and gentle, moving with the flow of the energy around me. Now imagine under the surface of ground that I have been planted. My roots anchor me into the earth, unmovable and unshakable at the foundation. My roots weave around the earthen matter, and rocks and other plants and roots. I form a network underneath the surface that sustains my growth and height above the surface.  This is divinely planned and not coincidence.

Now think of you. 

Your body is your vessel, your trunk, where all things flow through the physical form for you. And above you, is your branches reaching into the sky - this is the divine, this is your connection to your vessel, the channel to all that is.  Now look below you, where your feet meet the ground. You do not see anything below you. And yet, below your feet is the roots of all that was, the past, your ancestors, your experiences and the experiences of the collective. They are deep and they are wide. What foundations and roots are there? Are the roots blackened with rot, or fresh and vibrant? Are they short and weak or sturdy and long? Do they reach out in all directions, weaved in and out of other things?  Are they anchored in strongly in the earth plane or are they without an anchor.

In order for your vessel to grow with the mighty, your roots and foundations so too must be mighty. This is divinely planned. There is no need to seek counsel from outside of you, when the greatest council exists inside of you. Draw strength from these deep roots of yours, for they are now ready to sustain the growth which your vessel and the heavens have planned.  It has always been planned this way, for the soul’s blueprint must endure, must succeed, must fail, and must grow in order to move along the journey you selected.

Look upon the past for what they are, from a higher power...look upon them as the stages of roots growing. Preparing you to rise. Preparing for the trunk and the branches to grow far beyond it’s wildest dreams. 

Worry not child, all will be well. And this too shall pass. This is growth. Do not look down now. Look up child and lean in to your Growth, the growth of the collective, the era that has already begun and preparing to be built.'

2/2/2023 Channel

Copyright Erin E Chandler

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