Lyran Consciousness & Sirius & Energy Mapping

***This channel regarding the Lion and Lyran energy, along with Sirius Star System Beings, is anchored by today's channel on YouTube, which is linked at the bottom of this channel.
***Please note, this was channelled back in 2022, preparing us energetically, lining up for this eclipse energy.
"Today's energy channel from Ava and my guides 💫💫💫
Lionsgate portal and energy mapping...
channelled Aug 7th 2022
"3rd  full supermoon in a row following very specific astrological signs, North node alignments and the lionsgate portal.
Each moon aligned with a planetary trine thats shifts, purges, ignites, heals, cleanses and merges. The alignments signify a turning of the tide and breathtaking view of the energetic mapping and the patterning in one self.
Looking back, the energies clearly are showing us the path and the purpose of this portal the present energy - everything is connected. The complexity of the universe is astounding and humbling yet simple in its divine nature.
The prior dates, and energies leading up to this portal/gateway, held ascension codes and light bearer code activations. The breakdown of the multiple trines of planetary and constellations are hallmarked by the trine of the supermoons and their meanings, in addition to moving from the south nodes to to each beings North node.
All systems from different modalities are working together simultaneously to achieve alignment on all layers of energetics and dimensions.
Dated June 14 2022 supermoon in Sagittarius - the energy of higher thinking, philosophy, the bigger picture, open mindedness, seeing from a different perspective, with fresh eyes. The eagle.
Represented as Temperance in the tarot.
June July 2022 supermoon / new moon Cancer - deep emotions, releasing stuck energy and deep ancestral and karmic emotional wounds of the past. The crab in shamanism, represents the cleaning of the deep wounds and its debris. The crab.
Represented as the Chariot in the tarot.
And Taurus, the bull, the amplification of 3d energy.
August 11 2022 supermoon in Aquarius - a spiritual awakening, the star, the healing, the water bearer that takes all the emotional and psychic debris and cleanses it, clears it, calling in crystalline water that replaces it, rejuvenated it, the space now made for the spiritual awareness and abilities to come into fuller views and experience. The whale.
Represented as the Star in the tarot.
The lionsgate portal, marked halfway through the sign of leo on 8/8 is the infinite amplified - the infinite essence of one self, ones spirituality, the opening to all your spiritual gifts, it is a deep attunement of energy, amplified by the Aquarian supermoon.
Scorpionic energy circles all of the above, signifying the energy of death and rebirth. In addition the bat symbolism is tagging onto it - this rebirth is assured.
Notice this portal is simply a door - with the infinity symbol and crystalline energy carved indelibly on the door - that opens and allows you to step into a deeper version of you, your spiritual being, your light body, jumping timelines into a fuller version of who you are, which means the veil is lifted bringing you into your higher power and integrating it in physical body, living in total awareness.
This is a choice.
Boldly, one must choose to willingly step through this portal, to jump , to take a leap of faith, to dive into the depths of your power and retrieving that which was hidden, now illuminated by the supermoon.
The lions gate portal is a powerful entryway and cosmic energy designed to bring you into your destiny, alignment with your true North.
The return of the Sirius star into full view once more - which represents our spiritual being and wisdom. It is the return of our spiritual light in full view, full embodiment, the 'veils' removed. And is also in alignment with Aquarius and spiritual awakening.
This energetic shift requires but one thing of us, one choice.
It is the act of deciding and committing to jumping into the unknown, to move from your south node to your north node - who you have been into the facets of who you are meant to be in its fullest capabilities.
To align with deeper truths and higher wisdoms, to remember your role and the council of light, the star beings, reactivating your divine blueprint.
Allowing the full cycle completion of the south node, then moving into the north node, destiny energy -
It is the marriage of the child, the queen and the old crone, as one.
The union of the mind, the body and the spirit.
The Holy trinity of your I AM presence.
The full embodiment of the masculine and feminine in balance.
The rapture of the yin and yang.
The expansiveness of stepping into creator mode.
This portal is represented by the lion - bold, infinite, generous, proud and fierce.
The gate is the gateway energy opening, the portal, the door to your true North, all the abilities, skills, desires and true essence of you, in all its facets, activating light codes that lay dormant within each of us, and bringing down higher knowledge and wisdom to the 3d plane, rooting it in the human experience - the foundations of the new earth.
These back to back supermoons, thrice noted, have been illuminating and aiding each of you in purging the residue and debris of the old earth.
These energies have been preparing you for this leap, this activation, this revealing of one self, the power of your I AM.
One step at a time my loves, one step at a time. You are not alone. We will jump together, your future awaits, your higher self beckoning, holding out your hand, opening your heart, spreading your wings, enlightening your roots.
I believe I can fly.
Your destiny is calling.
Your chariot awaits.
Your stardust filling you and unfurling through the ethers.
Your wisdom flowing through you.
Courage dearhearts - the light within you burns so bright it can be blinding, searing.
It can crumble mountains, split the earth in two, your wind echoing through all realms, all souls, the Great Spirit is calling from all four corners of this plane.
You can let go now.
The wings of light shall carry you.
Let us begin once more, divine beings.
Let us begin - the door is open."
©️Erin E Chandler

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