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New Moons, Time, Dreams & Reality

Jan 10, 2024

Time is running out.

Time is a funny thing isn't it? 

It can feel like it's going too fast when we are loving every minute. And it can feel excruciatingly slow at other times. Interesting how our feelings and perceptions shape our experience of 'time'.

They say that time heals all wounds - I’ve never found this to be true in my life. In fact time did not heal my wounds at all, the wounds permeated deeper with time, and the longer the years became, the more festered the wounds became. Time did NOT heal any of my wounds. It was only when I started to USE time, take time, to do the work and heal my wounds - Thats what healed the wounds. I did the healing. Not time. 

So for me...time does not heal all wounds. Rather, we are given time to heal our wounds - but only if you know, if you choose, if you use time for what it is for - a linear mapping system to help you heal, grow, build, live, love and create.

Time waits for no man, yet man seems to be waiting on, for, time.

What we do with our time matters.

But WHY does this matter? 

Maybe you’ve noticed that there are things in your life that you dream of doing, and perhaps have been dreaming of for years YET you are still dreaming of it, rather than doing it, living it. This is why I say, what you do now, shapes and moulds tomorrow, and the future.

The future is created by mind - And your mind is part of it. Your future is created by the thoughts, and actions you take right now in this moment. Thats what helps create our tomorrow.

And if your mind says I’ll wait on time today, then you’ll just keep dreaming and not actually creating the thing you want to create, manifest and to have in your life. In other words, what you do with your time right now, directly impacts tomorrow and the next day, and the next. 

 The future exists both after today and BECAUSE of today!

So what we choose to think and do in this moment, matters alot more than one may realize!

 Time is both an illusion and a TOOL. Time is a measurement, a linear construct that allows us to mark, map and plan and DO! And time does not care what you decided to do with it today.  Time does not care if you manifest the life of your dreams. Time does not care if you gave it to someone else’s dream or your own - YOU CARE!

Time is running out for us TO DO what makes our dreams, a reality - And if we wait on time instead of using that time - we usually end up sacrificing our dream, our time, to give to someone else’s dream, time and DIME!

SO Take back your time, take back your life and take back your power this year! Don’t waste dreams, waiting on time - Change your mind. Change your LIFE! 

This is the LAST CALL for the few of you that know you want to live in joy, freedom and connection. IF you know you want to create and manifest on a whole other level this year this is your last chance to join us!  Doors close on a year of Spirit and making our dreams happen at 10am TOMORROW morning!


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