Part 3 - The Scrolls of Light....

THE SPIRIT...the third channel, piece, and presence of the redefining self and love WITH Spirit.

This channel came through differently than the first came through powerful visions and and dimensions. Reminding of the purpose of the teachings that come through me to share with others. This last part - the Spirit - is different than the first two channels AND if you read it to the end...there is a healing exercise for your Spirit, calling in and anchoring your I AM presence within you.

Ava: The spirit must be different Mom, as it is the higher frequency and wisdom on the house of self, that makes the mind and the body, the physical presence and matter possible. The spirit, the essence of one’s self IS different.  The spirit houses the body, to experience and the mind is your tool, connected to consciousness and the energy of all things in the quantum field. But the Spirit Mom...the spirit....SEE. TRUST. I AM.   You can begin Mom….

"When I look at the scrolls of the human existence, or rather, each soul and Spirt - I see a name at the top of the scroll, it is golden light and white light…the names are in gold, inscribed, indelible, un-erasable, immovable and stands for all time on the time space continuum, consciousness, memory, energy.  My scroll is placed upon my chest, my torso, as if it is part of my energetic signature, my timeline, as if it is within me underneath all things, all thoughts, all experiences. It is clear that there is nothing that can erase this scroll of light. Nothing can change it.

Yet I'm being shown that tt was layered over for a time, with a different scroll, one that was not so light, not so golden, not so bright. And the one that layered over this one, they brought forward to show me - It was dingy, black soot, the names written in debris and dust and smoke. The ink was black and smudged and the corners singed and burned, the paper so wrinkled that the names and symbols were completely illegible. I could not even see if my name was even on it. I couldn’t see GOD inscribed at the top of it either.  They are moving it into a fire a purple flames transmuting it now….They are showing me many scrolls, layered atop each other, piles of scrolls that are illegible with scratches and scribbles of old and do not appear of light or gold. Each one being placed in the violet flame, transmuting the denseness and darkness of it back into the essence of light, love, understanding and peace.

Now, I am being shown the gold scroll once again, as if the other ones didn’t exist, were alchemized, transmuted into the ethers and the spaces in between. 

The only scroll I see now, is the one written in light. The one at the beginning, the first one I am shown upon my chest, within my energy.  The one of light, with GOD at the top and I underneath, written in gold energy. I AM.

The scroll becomes clearer and another Spirit is viewing my scroll.

They are showing me it clearly.

The name at the top is GOD.

The name directly underneath GOD is ERIN. 

There are two names on either side of my names or symbols, but I cannot seem to read them. They are fuzzy, almost like ancient symbols, golden frequencies, my logical mind can’t ascertain, understand or logically view them in a sensical way at this point in time.

And underneath this, there are many many names, and they get smaller and smaller as we move down the scroll, yet all names are still gold, still powerful, still light, and important.

I ask, what does this mean?

Why is my name directly underneath GOD?

And then I look around at the other spirit’s there with me, people, soul’s, persona’s and their energy signatures and their scrolls of light are very clear to me. Perhaps clearer than my own was at first. This is the only scroll I see IN them, and it is so brilliant and bright and magnificent…and off to the side of them, so too do I see, there are dingy scrolls of distortions, burning in the violet fire, transmuting what was, allowing what is to come forth. Some have many scrolls of past lives and wounds that are transmuting in the violet fire - and others, but a few. 

It is so clear, their scrolls of light. Every soul’s scroll of light within them has GOD written at the top and directly underneath Creator’s name, is their name written in gold, just like my scroll of light within me - theirs is written in them. And interestingly, all have the same fuzzy names or symbols on either side of their name too. Yet their name is crystal clear, just as God's name is - all written in divine wisdom, the colours of gold and white and light.

It is their I AM. Written into their energy signature, underneath it all - that is the purest essence of their soul core frequency and all other frequencies are being aligned back to this at this time.

Everyone has a scroll of light with GOD written in gold energy and their name is written in that same gold energy directly underneath it…the song lyrics… underneath it all….I AM. 


At every spirit’s core energetic frequency - this is what lies at the deepest core of it.

This is the scroll that lies within YOUR spirit, your soul, your house of self, your subconscious, and for some their conscious. Every spirit in the room, using the word spirit as all encompassing, everyone - no matter the journey, no matter the persona, the limitations, the wounds, the joys…. Every single individual had a scroll of light, with GOD at the top and them underneath, written in gold energy. Their I AM. And some, they could not see it themselves, turning their cheek the other way, yet it was there. It is always there. Their I AM is always constant, always within the energetic signature of their core essence. I AM.

I can see it in them. I can feel it in their energy. I know it is there. For I AM.

Everyone. Everything. Has this scroll of light embedded in their energetic signature, deep within their soul’s core essence, it is how we are able to BE. Some have GOD written at the top, some have SPIRIT, CREATOR or SOURCE written at the top - in essence, those are simply a version or perception of the I AM.

There was, perhaps is, no exception.

For we exist as a creation of GOD, is GOD, for GOD.

YOU exist because of GOD, as part of consciousness.

YOU are GOD peering out through thine eyes.

YOU are GOD feeling the emotions of your experience, thine heart.

YOU are GOD moving and creating in this beautiful vessel of the body, thine anchor.

YOU are the I AM in one expression, one experience, one facet, one drop in the ocean of consciousness, of GOD. And remember that YOU, the drop, is GOD too, just as the ocean is, that YOU are a part of.

To thine own self be true, is to be true to the scroll of light with your name written in gold energy and GOD’s name written above it. You are of GOD. GOD is of you. Remember the divinity that resides within you, of you, as you.

It is time to see, to know, to feel, to remember your scroll of light.

Please receive this healing presence:

Close your eyes place your hand on your heart, and breathe… imagine the essence of your spirit becoming clear as you open the door inside of you….imagine the scroll tightly rolled, unrolling to the floor. See the name at the top of the scroll. See the gold light the etches the name of Creator at the top. Now look just below, and see your name written underneath it. See your name written in gold frequency of the I AM.

Feel the warmth of the energy of love that rushes through you as you remember your soul’s core essence, your I AM. Your sacredness, your power. Your presence. I AM.  Breathe this knowing into every area of your body and let it vibrate, just being, just feeling, just noticing what you feel, how it feels.

Repeat this mantra to anchor in your I AM presence:  

I AM OF GOD. I AM LIGHT. I AM LOVE. I AM TRUTH. Om mani padme hum. I AM.”

This healing is complete.

-Channel Erin E Chandler



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