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Quantum Clearing for a New year, New moon, New you!

Jan 12, 2024

This new moon in Capricorn is a double whammy friends!

New moon in Capricorn while we’re in the Sun sign of Capricorn is double Capricorn energy - This means we’re being shown so loudly and clearly where we’ve stopped ourselves, where we’ve hidden, where we have not gone after what want, or not been fully ourselves in an authentic way.

And this can swing to extremes in both positive and negative ways depending on your journey, your soul’s path. And I don’t know about. you, but I needed help from the divine!

Some of you have likely found that you’ve naturally and easily move into the higher frequencies and stepped into the next timeline, fueled by passion and curiousity.

Some of you will have noticed your gifts just got clearer and more expanded or you’re starting to understand them on a deeper level - What was confusing before, is suddenly becoming clearer - Celebration for you here!

Many people right now are actually facing their biggest fears, hidden beliefs, and being shown the past hurt that is blocking them. And this place feels super uncomfortable! The discomfort that is amplified in this moment is because we’re trying to stay in the comfort zone of the old version of us. 

Funny thing about discomfort...that discomfort has always been in your body, mind and emotions, it’s just being amplified so you can choose differently than the last 10-20-30 years. When we hit this, it can be instinctual to run the other way, back to safety. However, that safe place, isn’t actually your safe place.

The discomfort you run away from is the discomfort of misaligned energy and beliefs that you became comfortable with. One might think they’re running away from their discomfort of change, when in reality - they’re running directly into a life of discomfort and feeling unfulfilled and unhappy. 

The song playing as I write this - Ironic by Alanis Morrisette.

“Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?”

The irony that the very thing we need to help us shift and move into a more whole and safe space within ourselves, is the same very thing we run away from - Not realizing we’re running directly into more long term discomfort. I’ve done this many times before. I can see all the places and circumstances. And it is indeed, ironic.

Ava has been directing me to go back to a particular quantum clearing, so I did. And man, did it make me feel aligned and clear and right again, as I sift and sort through old things that held discomfort for me. She then said, share it with your communities.

So I did. And they too had that feeling of clear and freshness again. Ava then said, share with everyone, whoever needs a good cleanse for all the ‘stuff’ and confusion and worry and doubt and life just happening, will be able to feel that too.

So I am.

A gift for you - a live quantum clearing session with Ava from her 12th birthday. Spirit is gifting us an energetic leg up right now, if you need it - I know I needed it!

Happy new year, new moon, new you!

Erin & Ava



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