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Redefining self love and Nourishing your Spirit according to SPIRIT - Part 1 of 3

Feb 17, 2023

A channel of the mind and redefining the house of self and self love through Spirit - Part 1

In order to redefine ones conceptualization one must first see clearly what they have already defined that creates there way of living, feeling, being, and creating.  Spirit is bringing forth, not just messages of love, light and healing - Spirit is bringing an attunement of all aspects of the self, for when your thought changes, your emotion changes and the body’s response also changes, bringing forth new life, with fresh eyes, renewed patience, and a vigorous spark to create…to free the soul, requires a freeing of the mind.....

Let us begin.

The grand trine, or holy trinity as one may label it, is in essence described in many thought forms and concepts throughout history and by many teachers, it is the triad of the self, the all encompassing of the I AM presence that lies within each of us, whether we are aware or not. Some may call this the father, son & holy ghost, the ID, the EGO and the super ego.  The lower worlds, middle world and upper worlds. The subconscious, the conscious and the superconscious. The child, the mother and the old chrone.

All are describing the holy trinity of the house of self, the grand trine of the I AM presence which allows our Spirit to house this body we move about in.  There are many truths, yet none more true than this…without the mind, nothing can exist - the mind of you, the mind of consciousness, the mind of all things upon this earth, even that which is not of this earth - all are perceived by the mind.  The mind can be your greatest asset or your worst enemy. 

This is where we will begin to redefine LOVE, YOU, SPIRIT and who you really are - in the mind.

Nourishing the mind requires us to first examine where the mind is at? What does it tell you? What does it repeat? 

Is it on auto, rapid fire, confusing, going a mile a minute? Or is quiet, peaceful, directive and loving?

What you tell yourself is the root of all you do. 

If we are to love ourselves, a divine being, embodying the love and the light, so too must our thoughts

reflect and direct that.

If we want love, we are called to love all places within ourselves.

For if we do not love a part of ourselves, we cannot imagine another will love that part of us either.

If we want to belong, first we must choose to belong to ourselves.

For how can one belong anywhere or with anyone, if they are not willing to belong to themselves.

Many are coming back to this knowing, unlearning what they have been told and taught. 

Examining who they truly are, not who they were taught they are, using the mind to help rather than hinder. After all, a belief can be taught  through repetition and consistency, through words and experiences. And yet… a knowing, a deep soul knowing - defies all logic. It simply is. It is an internal core understanding, despite what may be seen or mirrored back by the external world around them. You cannot teach a knowing. But… you can unravel the beliefs that hide the deep knowing underneath it.

The house of self is often filled with thought forms and energies of others as we have moved along the journey of life. The mind is the place we must clear the clutter of, for this is where you imagine what you will create, feel what you are creating and plan that creation to bring it into form.

The mind needs the most nourishment of love, acceptance, kindness and patience.

Your mind needs you to override that the thoughts that are filled with shame and words of others.

The mind must say I love you first, for all other love to received and accepted.

Your mind, needs you to renounce all betrayal of yourself, whether taught to you by others or through the energy and thought forms.

Your mind is your greatest asset. 

And you get to choose how you use it.

You get to choose to fill it with potential, dreams, wishes, plans, joy and expansion.

Your mind is of the energy that creates worlds. Whether that world is ‘It’ll never happen’ or ‘anything can happen’ determines the trajectory of the world you are now creating from the conditions that are present at this moment. And remember, it is not just you creating your own world, all others around you are doing the same.

One person's creations can impact your creations, whether in positive or negative ways, we are all creating and impacting each other in ways that cannot always be seen, through the energy, through consciousness...it is the ripple of a word, or the wounds of a generation. 

Have you ever noticed what words you speak to yourself when no one is around? 

What emotion is attached to those thought forms, those words?

Are the words even yours, or are they someone else's?

What world is that going to create for you?

What world has it already created?

What thoughts are defining you, shaping your outlook from within?

Do your thoughts limit you, or expand you? 

Do they feel good, or do they feel like garbage? Do they empower you or make you shrink back?

These are neither a question of right or wrong, good or bad. 

Rather it is an unpacking of what, why, and whom and sometimes its' where did that come from?'

These are questions one must ask when clearing the clutter of the mind, the psychic and emotional debris of others, the limits and labels of the world around us. For your house of self is the vessel of Spirit and your Spirit is what maintains it, holding the past and the future, within the present moment, all at once. The body does not keep you here, your Spirit houses your body. And your body is listening to the emotions and thoughts of your mind, of the past, of your experiences.

Your mind is glorious, potent, the ultimate tool of creation, imagination and planning.  It holds your memories, recorded in time. It receives from the Great Spirit. It can bring anything into form when we use it to plan. The mind is the most powerful tool in this world - and also the most misused power in the world.

If you wondered why Mindset is so important - it is quite simply because it creates worlds. 

It is never what happens to you that defines your world, Rather, it is how it shapes and molds you and what you do with that experience. We are all called at this time to use our minds to redefine our experiences powerfully, rather than our experiences defining us powerlessly.

Let us redefine what we were told we are, and empower ourselves to redefine it.

To love us unconditionally.

To choose us unequivocally.

To refuse that which asks us to betray ourselves.


Spirit does not come to just whisper words of love and healing and miracles.

The great spirit that surrounds you, comes to realign all that you are.

To show you all that have been and will been, to show you that you are more than what you are thinking, 

And far grander than what you are imagining or believing.

The great Spirit comes to illuminate and release that which has been sitting in the dark recesses of the minds and hearts and bodies that does not serve us, does not expand us, does not cherish us. 

To relinquish the chains of suffering from the mind and unfold the wings upon your backs, so that you may fly, create, love, dare, dream and bring into form that you’ve dreamed. Your dream is not a mere fantasy. It is your soul’s presence, drawing in the divine, that is calling you to build your desire on this plane of consciousness. A dream is only a ‘dream’ when one fails to bring it into form - when one does not believe a dream is a reality waiting to be born into this plane.

Spirit does not come to just play, or heal a heart here and there, nor for show and tell and magick tricks. Your loved ones, and the great Spirit, is here to build, to create, to love, to empower, to bring change where change is long overdue - For you. For me. For our great grandchildren. For everything and everyone that comes after us.

To remind you that you are part of the Spirit of all that is. That your imagination is a throughway of your intuition. That Spirit is guiding to receive the divine through your mind, to begin receiving that which nourishes you, rather than that which diminishes you.  Allow yourself to receive the nourishing thoughts, love, gentle guidance and inspiration of Spirit.

You are powerful. Your mind is your asset. Spirit is your Ally. And your Knowing is simply waiting underneath all those conditions of the mind.

-Channel Erin E Chandler


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