Working through the Solar & Lunar Eclipse Energies

Aaahhh eclipse season....the first was a hybrid SOLAR, and the second, a LUNAR eclipse.  The intensity of this is off the charts -I'M SURE YOU FEEL IT!
Working with these energies and clearing the way to your peace and purpose is important - Here is WHY...
Kinda explains all the craziness doesn't it?  OR at least a little bit, enough to have some serious compassion for yourself right now. Between the solar eclipse (igniting personal empowerment) AND the lunar eclipse (deep shadows of this life and past), coupled with the Taurus and Scorpio axis on the 5th day of the 5th month (5 is THE number of change) and Pluto stepping in as a powerful force of change in and of itself.
Thats what you are in. Thats the energy you've been sensing, swimming in, feeling into, opening to, and letting go of - THIS IS ALOT!
And maybe it explains why some of your past might have showed up or old patterns!?!
Or perhaps you've felt intense swings of energy, emotions, and all that fun stuff that makes us feel not quite ourselves or a little of balance!?!
Or maybe, you're one of the people who felt intense fire to create and get shit done!!!
No matter what, this is an intense time of change on all frequencies and all energy bodies. It is the destruction of the old ways of doing things, the labels, the people, the limits, the chains of old.
For one cannot step into the new and free and unknown if they are still carrying the energy, thoughts, emotions and fears of the past!
Exciting, Raw, Scary and wild isn't it? Lol.... I feel it too my friend, I feel it too!
Here's a few things I've learned along my journeys that have helped me anchor and ground my energy so that I'm using these frequency shifts for upleveling, activating and/or purging, RATHER than getting swept away in the sea of emotions OR the intense electric energy of it all!
1. Intense energy has to have somewhere to go or flow through. Get outside and expend some energy - Dance, Walk, Run, Workout, Ride a Bike, go Swimming - whatever gets your blood pumping, your heart moving and into your powerful body.
2. Water, water water - This one is two-fold... Drink alot of water AND soak your body in water - As within so without!  Water is a purifier and helps to continually flush inside and outside the body and the energy around you - HYDRATE!
3. Rest & Relax - Eclipse's can be exhausting and leave us feeling energetically fried. Relax, listen to music, meditate, read a good book, watch your favourite movie - whatever relaxes you and you can just breathe. This is also when our mind relaxes and allows the receiving of divine knowings and epiphanies.
4. Feel - Yes I said feel. I bet your tired of feeling but here is why I say this...Anything that has been hidden deep in the atoms of your body of pain, shame and trauma may have shown up - Purge it. If you stuff it down, it'll sit there for another decade, stopping you from fully expressing all of you and creating from the purest space of your heart.
Feel it and journal it so that you are moving the energy, thoughts and feelings outside of you, so they can be released and the pearls of wisdom from them can be found.
5. This came from one of our EPIC youtube subscribers wisdom...
"Chant LAM for the root chakra and use oils of clove and cedar. Spice to utilize in teas, tinctures, foods is Ginger. The crystal stone to have on hand is Garnet. And last but not least, use the herb Elderberry.
All of these things are tangible, doable things that when done with intention help you to clear your energy and ground it - RIGHT NOW!
The root chakra is important, as we just ignited our personal power and are now illuminating the deep shadows from the conscious AND the subconscious too!  Purging, Clearing, Grounding is the easiest way to move through the energy that is literally AN UPHEAVAL OF ALL ROTTEN ROOTS AT THE CORE OF YOU!
Remember - this is energy.
This too shall pass.
For the energy that lies beyond this is much stronger, purer, discerning and FREE!
Much love,
Erin xo
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