Speak not to be heard, nor understood. Speak because it is the divine expression of your Spirit - The divine is pouring through you...

A private channel with my daughter Ava...May her wisdom guide you on your journey too.

Happy full moon beautiful souls!


ME: I often feel misunderstood.I don't like that feeling. I don't like that I am 'E' yet painted as X by others.Its not always fun to hear others misunderstanding of me and their projections of themselves. Even when they say nothing, it is all there in the energy, in between the lines.I hear the love, I hear the fear, I hear the truth, I hear the lie, I hear the hurt, I hear the joy.  Sometimes they are my own. And sometimes it is others.

It is often that I have been misunderstood in this particular life...My silence misunderstood.My words misunderstood.My intentions misunderstood.My actions misunderstood.Who I AM has been greatly misunderstood by others too.

AVA:  The best questions, create expansion.They ask us to see more than we did before we asked the question. Perhaps you are not misunderstood at all.

ME:   Well, if I am not misunderstood at all...what does that mean?

AVA:  It means this Mom...

In essence, you truly are not misunderstood at all. Rather, people understand only from their perceptions, their expectations, their limitations and the story that they tell themselves.

One can only understand from the stand point of their current understanding. Then they have a choice. To dig deeper, to see from a higher vantage point  or continue to stay where they are at, tell the story that they always tell or feel the past as if it is the present - even when it's not.People cannot meet you where you are at, they are not you. They can only meet you from where they are at.  You are not misunderstood.Others simply understand from their own understanding of themselves, their lives, their wounds, their triumphs.

It is rare to encounter souls who will ask deeper and willingly, consciously ask the question..what does this mean to my soul?What if there's more? What if this narrative isn't true? What if I can? These are questions one must ask themselves to evolve and transform, to find their truth.After all, the truth doesn't mi d being questioned. It is the lie that fights, confuses, resists and distorts - all to maintain that place, that way of being that is attached to it.

Think of the last post we channeled through you...It was timely for the current landscape..more than you know and multiple ways.Each soul that read this, perceived it to mean something different. It was perceived by them in relation to what is relevant to them, their life, their perceptions and their past experiences.

The words given to you by us, allow the receiver to take the knowing and apply it to themselves- that is the beauty of your frequency, the channels you tap into.It is not about you, it is about them. And each will perceive a different meaning based on their experience, not necessarily what you mean.

You will always have those who 'misunderstand' you, as they attempt to understand themselves through the many lenses of their experiences.

And yet, you are not misunderstood at all.I understand you, completely and entirely.More importantly...You understand you, more and more each day, each moment, each channel, each experience that you have.This is how you conquer.This is called self mastery.This is called being one with all, yet you are the all that is the one.It's alot to wrap your head around Mommy.

All those that feel they arw misunderstood can take refuge and solace in this knowing.  Others can only receive from their current landscape.The purpose is not be understood, rather to understand...to understand the self. One who understands the self can more easily understand and have compassion for others, while knowing where ends and another begins.

As I said before Mommy.Back in September...

Speak not to be heard, nor understoodby others.Speak because it is a divine expression of your soul. Speak because it is your I AM, your path, your fractals experience through the great consciousness.Speak what the divine is pouring through you - We are flowing it through you for a reason.

There is nothing we won't do to help all of you. There is nothing we won't help you bring into form that is for your highest good, and there is nothing and noone, no energy that can stop us, either.

You are not misunderstood at all.Love you Mommy Mommy.-AvaXxoo


Channel - Erin & Ava

Photo Credit: Unknown 


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