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The Fiery Balancing Moon - Grandmother moon and the Sun as ONE

Apr 05, 2023

Someone said this full moon is about fire and cleaning house.

Someone else said this full moon is about balancing.

Grandmother moon is showing me the Moon and the Sun, as ONE right now.

I truly believe in allowing our own wisdom to come through us, to lead us, to help us. Particularly on full moons when we might be feeling ALL the feels, the ups and downs, and the heightened emotions it can bring sometimes - and this one is bringing balance back through its fiery intensity.

I figured it best to let my spirit speak to the moon and set free whatever I was meant to understand about this chaotic time and energy and why I was seeing the sun and the moon overlapping as one.

So I asked: Grandmother Moon, what is this moon really about, this energy I’m feeling so intensely?

And this is what I heard; 

“It is all of those things, my little dove.
And for each, it is different.

For some, it is parting.
For some, it is coming together.
For some, it is purging.
For some, it is revealing oneself.
For some, it is the word freed.
For some, it is coming home.
For some, it is forgiveness.
For some, it is embracing their full power.

Yet for all, it is a crossroad.

Even the smallest of choices at this time lead to enormous shifts. Even the tiniest decision in the mind will set the path ahead. The energy of deep change resides in this pink full moon, as it swells to its fullest and boldest revelations—allowing one to release, to change, to grow, to evolve. Follow her cycles as she ebbs and flows as a guide for you, for others, for everything

For this moon….is particularly important.  This fiery moon energy, on the eve of this night, is more potent and powerful as it is not just illuminating what needs to be released - it is also also illuminating the path to follow, the action to be taken, the place which you are growing into going, and what may not go with you. This pink moon is the crossing of the sun and the moon at once, where it is not only about release, it is about bringing into form that which has been dreamt of.

This moon is illuminating the balance needed within one’s life -  illuminating the scales which need to be balanced in one’s life and energy.  It asks us what is standing in the way of bringing what we wish for into form? AND it is the Sun working together with it - asking us what do we need to do, to act on, to put into tangible motion so that we may root the form of our desire and goals into the earthly plane.  

Sit with energy of what you truly desire to bring into form, and illuminate this - Be honest and see clearly what is standing in the way of bringing it into form. The more willing one is to see truth, to label it - the easier the journey becomes, the faster the flow of the water that nourishes the roots that bring the manifestation into form.

Where might you be giving, but not receiving? Or perhaps you are receiving but haven’t been giving.

What needs to stay?  And what needs to go?  

What do you need to do more of? And what do you need to do less of?

Name it.

One is brought back into their personal power when things are brought back into balance.

Do you see now little dove?

Indeed I, the moon represent illumination and release, for that is my cycle and compliment to the sun. Yet the energies have changed and the planets align for great change, so too does the truth that I illuminate shift and change. The sun and I work as one at times, and this little dove, is one of those fiery times before the trine.

Balancing the scales is just as important as the ebb and flow of the tide, for the balance is what makes the ebb and flow bearable. Balance is for the good of all, as I too, shift with Mother Earth and divine will. The moon and the sun align their energies so that the pink flowers will bloom in the sun and be nourished in the moonlight, to ensure that is what is meant to be brought into form, is rooted and takes it form so that it may bloom.

Just as the seed cycles into the tree over many years with many cycles—should the seed miss one of these cycles, a period of growth or rest or death and rebirth, and yes, balance too - it slows down that evolution of that which it is becoming, that which it is. Imagine if the balancing was missed. The tree’s natural struggles would become much too difficult, not having the cycles and balance it needs to strengthen. Without balance, one may stop growing all together, never becoming the glorious tree it was intended to be.

That is what this  particular moon cycle and trine is for, little dove.

The sun and the moon intertwine so that glorious tree WILL become that which was always intended to be.

Follow the moon, my little dove, and follow the sun - We illuminate the balance that is needed now.

My cycles will ease your struggle and replenish your spirit.
I am always guiding you forward and I will always lead you home to yourself, your path."

I am reminded once more, that all I ever needed to do was sit and talk with the wisdom of the moon. That perhaps, I simply need to ask more, listen longer, and allow myself to be guided by Grandmother Moon.

-Erin E Chandler

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