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The Bones of wisdom

Apr 09, 2024

The bone collector is here to clean the bones of wisdom from the earthly debris.

When the wind is howling I feel it move through my body, running over my skin, rippling through my very being. 

I see her move through every molecule of this vessel I call home, casting out all that taints it. 

She sweeps away the dark, the heavy, the hurt and the pain as she howls through me, swirling like a hurricane. She takes no prisoners, leaves no part of me unturned, unfelt, unseen, unswept. 

The wind pays no mind to that which I try to cling to as she rips it from my grasp, pulls it from my belly, pours it out of my heart, whips through my hair. 

And when she has emptied my vessel, when the chaos of her howl has cleared the debris from within me, when I am spent, falling to my knees......

Her song slows to a gentle lull, a soft caress, a faint warmth on the tip of her breath as she whispers ever so quietly, speaking to my soul, 

"My sweet child, you have collected so much along your journey. You called me to scatter the pieces no longer needed. 

All that is left now, is the bones of wisdom, the skin of light and the heart of creation. 

All that I left within you is the soft tendrils of compassion and the fire of the sacred blood that runs through your veins. 

All that I swept away has made space for what is coming, your vessel now free for the great spirit of life to flow through you, uninhibited by the past, the debris, the others. 

Step lightly and flow gently, caressing the matter around you - for a time will soon come when you, my dear..you will become the wind of wisdoms too. 

And you will howl through the mind, body and souls of others, clearing their vessels, scattering the pieces they do not need, sweeping away the debris. 

You will whip through them with gale force winds, destroying the barriers created within their own temples, that hid their sacred symbols from them.

And like me, sweet child, many will not realize it is you that caresses them, that blows through their house, that moves the energy, that reveals their wisdom to them.

It is no matter dear, for you are here for reasons that matter and yet matter cannot define. The few that understand the many, will know when you stand at their door, welcoming the warm soft wind they called, and that called to them. For the few that understand the many, understand themselves.

Indeed you will howl freedom through them, leaving them with nothing but their bones of wisdom, the heart of creation, the fire of the great spirit running through them like an everflowing river- and sace to receive the divine...

Just as I have done for you. 

For once upon a time, a realm, a life, a galaxy - I was you, my child. 

And you were him, and he was she, and she was the tree, and you were the owl, and the owl was once the lion, and the lion a star, and the star...well child, the star was a beginning.....many many moons ago. 

And now the stars are being reawakened, called to shine brighter than every lifetime past, their skins alight with cosmic stardust.

And the lions are being summoned to awaken with their fierceness of their hearts so that we all may hear their roar.

And the owls are being called to show the day what they have seen in the night so that all may see.

And the trees are speaking wisdom, rooting themselves together underneath the earth, strengthening their power to unite with each other.

And she will once again remember him. And he will once again remember her. And you will once again remember me. 

For the answers have always been spoken on the wind, my dear. 

Tales as old as time, lingering, urging you to clear the debris so that you may hear the stories that no one dares tell from their lips - yet it sits in their hearts, has remained dormant in their soul, the lost pieces of the puzzle waiting to be found. 

It is time for the bones of wisdom to arise cleaned of the earthly debris, my sweet child. It is time for the stars to shine, the lions to roar, and the owls to see and the trees to speak, the wisdoms that were buried underneath the debris.

It is time to remember who you are. 

For it is I, the wind, that takes no prisoners.

I will leave nothing untouched.

Whether scorned or rejoiced.

I howl with the truth of eternities.

I clean the bones of wisdom from the earthly debris of man so that they may arise once more, empowered. 

So Arise my dear - And remember who you are."

By Erin E Chandler - 2021 

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