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The Cazimi Effect - Luckiest Day of 2024 is HERE!

May 18, 2024

Oooooeeeee !!!

Luck is on our side today - Did you you know today is astrologically the most wonderful, magickal, luckiest day of 2024?  Its a Jupiter Cazimi that is happening right now, what it has to do with luck, and here's how you can align with it and call in your luck and ground it into the earthly Taurus energy!

In terms of astrology, a Cazimi is an annual event when two planets or heavenly bodies, are conjuct the Sun - the heart of the sun, the heart of your actions - How you lead yourself 

This is because the Sun is the Executive Director in your life that affirms the decisive action to take and actually TAKES the action. Now let's get you into the drivers seat of your luck, miracles, wisdom and abundance!

The planets involved in this 'luckiest day of the year' are of course - the expansive and love ones!  We have Jupiter, the great Benefic of expansion, growth, abundance, learning and all the good stuff that we secretly want or feel we don't have.  The second is Uranus conjunct with Venus or what I call the great unknown planet of sudden turnarounds - where the divine steps in and unexpectedly shifts things, either bringing something to a closure, or illuminating a paradigm shifting understanding about ourselves and our lives through sudden experiences. This is all happening as a new cycle in Taurus which is earthly and grounded!

In otherwords, Uranus is shaking up a truth revealed in our life in relation to Venus' relationships and beauty - in order to propel us into Jupiter's expansive energy and growth with the Sun's directive, so that we move into a whole new cycle with a refresh of energy that feels so much lighter and clearer than previously.

Welcome to the Cazimi effect that brings you luck, wisdom, clarity and abundance, combined with the grounded new cycle in Venusian Taurs, which creates auspicious and life changing decisions, experiences and events! When you follow the energy or yearning from your soul, you'll likely find yourself in a divine experience that can feel like a whirlwind that leaves you breathless.  And sometimes out of sorts because you've just been shaken up!  Just know that whatever shakeup that was, was actually shaking loosed what has been holding you back from expanding and growing. Whether it was a fear, a belief, an emotion, a misperception, etc.

So while you may feel that nothing is happening for you on the luckiest day of the year -  the truth is, ALOT is happening. And you likely will feel the effect of the Cazimi energy in some way, whether a new thought, a new feeling, a new urge, regardless of your astrological sign!

Maybe its the urge to speak your truth when you normally stay quiet and hidden. Or you have sudden clarity of visions or dreams you held in your heart and are realizing why you haven't been taking actions towards them. Perhaps your having a new thought about an old thing, that will likely have reared its head recently so that you can see how it has been driving your actions or non-actions.

Or maybe you finally feel ready to commit to you, an idea, or a choice that indecision or fear was stopping you from taking.  A sudden idea or hunch that you actually follow and instead of letting your doubt stop the flow of your ideas coming into being. A change of habit, desiring more strongly to change up your daily routine and actually doing it.  Sometimes it's as simple as a gentle feeling to go somewhere and you actually follow it to see where it leads you.

Notice these are all about ACTIONS? Notice that the Sun is the director of the ACTIONS we take or don't take? 

The effect of a Cazimi of Jupiter with the sun and Uranus with Venus, all in Taurus energy, leads us to rearrange our lives from the inside out, thought by thought, bit by bit, step by step and action by action, to bring us to the life our soul has been yearning for, that perhaps, our mind and body weren't yet fully on board for!  

So why is this the luckiest day of 2024? Because it's about YOU. Your energy. Your abundance. Your dreams. Your life. It's a refresh, reset, new take, new cycle, new love, new money, new opportunites, new confidence, and all in grounded and stable, comfortable Taurus (who happens to be ruled by the beautiful, sensual relations of Venus)

It's the song playing as I write this 'Take a chance on me..." 

It's about you, taking a chance on YOU, and allowing the Cosmic energy to help you rearrange and propel yourself into the life that you actually want, rather than dreaming of the life you think you can't have, like its just out of reach. It's a cosmic shift from the passenger seat, into the drivers seat of your own life, taking a chance on you. Betting on you. Loving on you. Living like you've not lived before, but always wanted to!

Moral of the Cosmic Cazimi on May 18th?

NOW is the time to take a chance on life, on the universe, on things working out, on good things happening for you, on doing that thing you didn't have the guts to do before!  And only thing any of these 'lucky' things require to happen - is YOU! 

Luck doesn't just happen. Rather, it is us taking an action, a risk, or following the gentle nudge inside of us to do something - and then BAM we suddenly align with exactly whom and what we need, unexpectedly and it feels LUCKY! So luck is an alignment. It requires US to take an action, so that the alignment can happen for us. There is a reason why lucky feels so easy and effortless - it is about alignment.

So what are you going to take a chance on today that takes you to that luck of the moment or connection, that changes the direction of your life?

Much love,


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