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See with your Spirit - Now see through the eyes of the Eagle Spirit....

Feb 13, 2023

Channel:  The Eagle Spirit's message for those that are ready to see....

I, the eagle, represent many things, to many people… for the purposes of this channel, I summon your highest self, to bring forth, to bring down, your highest perspective. Look up child. Surrender to the Great Spirit within and Fly like an eagle, let my spirit carry you….

I represent a view that is unparalleled. I represent the spirit realms. I represent the empresses’ and the kings and the hierophant. I represent the views and higher callings of those that walk the path of ascension.

Some say that I fly into the realms of Creator. Some say I am spirits messenger. Some say, I simply a bird that flies in the sky, selecting my pray down below with focus and ease. Some say I am a bringer of Spirit. And some say I am a predator of the weak, preying on the unsuspecting, while the other says I hunt the dark serpents, destroying their poison. 

Perhaps they are all true, for I am many things. And there are many ways and many lenses to view my purpose through indeed.  Yet the evolution of the planet is almost at its tipping point, its breaking point…the point of no return has passed. For I can see above and below. One must focus out, zooming out to see the bigger picture, before one can see with laser focus the details of it’s path, the nature of one’s story, the diamond in the rough.

Moving into the expanse of the skies is indeed symbolic of freedom, of higher realms, of majestic creation. It is with the eyes of the eagle that one can take in that expanse of the soul. So too is it with these same eyes of the eagle, that one can focus in on the minute, the missed, the hidden, that which is not discernible when looking from the simple human form.  It is here that many get stuck.. they do not see with the eyes of the eagle, nor the ability to move in and out of consciousness, of dimensions and realms. That is the secret after all you see. For one to see their small part, they must see the bigger picture…they must understand how each small part plays a role. 

In doing so, they become the eagle, able to focus on work or play, able to hone an impenetrable mindset, able to flow with the curves of the wind, and dive swiftly when called to. This is the flow of energy, of the divine. It is man’s struggle perhaps to adapt to these ever-changing flows, and to nurture the unknown.  They do not see from the sky, the water and the land, the bound and the free. They do not see the rain storm that approaches on the high seas, nor the mice that feast underneath, burrowing under the foundation.

This is the beauty of the majestic eagle, this is what I bring to those that fly with me, that allow me to perch upon their shoulder, to speak with them and through them. The eagle soars above, taking in the many things happening in the great circle of life - the before and aft, the chase that is about to ensue, the wreckage before it happens… The higher view is in essence, the ability to see across the Great Plains, to see how things fit together, the cause and effect of how one thing, one move, one thought, one area…affects the one next to it, and next to that, and next to another one. 

To see with eagle eyes is to see what has been and what is coming. 

It is to see the ripple through the rivers of each and every drop that falls, before it even hits the surface.

It is to see how the web of life is interconnected through all things, in all ways, always.


While the bear tends her cub in the north and sleeps a deep slumber in safety, the starving wolverine sets tracking for the bunny.  The bunny that just left her litter to find more food.The oldest bunny does know this yet, but he will man the litter, in a few days, for that is his destiny, it is written.And the bunny is written to feed the starving wolf, as the wolf is written to save a man in a river in two days time.For the man will forget his picks for the snow, as they sit on the table as he drives away. You see, the man is destined to live, to encounter this wolf, to tell his story, to tell his children, to move him on the trajectory of his soul’s path, for there are two generations counting on this wolf to save this man, becoming a thread in the tapestry of the ancestry.

Do you see now that the wolf cannot save the man without the nourishment of the bunny who will sacrifice and lived to save the man. And do you see that the baby bunny, who is the leader of it’s pack, will never lead unless it’s left to step up into it’s rightful place, ensuring that it's mother could fulfill it's destiny while her babies are looked after by him.

And the bear that tends her cub in the north, well it is the same for them, just as it is for the salmon she will soon eat, and the rain that is destined to fall for a month, to grow the plants, that bear the fruit to fill the bears tummy, for her babies will then birth two baby bears in two years time, that will grace mankind with astonishing insight into these animals lives and connections with man that brings them to sacred reverence of the animal kingdom. 

So too is the journey of all people in the circle of life, with odds and ends that do not always make sense, when one only sees what is right in front of them. One cannot always understand why things happen when viewing through just the eyes of man, the eyes of the tangible, the eyes of what they wanted to be rather than the eyes of what is - how can it make sense when we see only one part. A tire is a tire all its own, yet a car requires the part of the tire, in order to run, to be a car. All parts will play out as intended by the Great divine, regardless of whether or not the part knows its true part. Some parts span multiple lifetimes to achieve it’s goal, it’s purpose, and other parts, need but one life to fulfill one part of it’s destiny.

To see the great circle of life, all of the parts that make the sum, and how all things feed into each other, an eternal story, a circle of all life - this, my child…to see in this way…is to see through the eyes of the Eagle Spirit, to see through the eyes of your own Spirit, the well of consciousness that is just at the tip your awareness. It is all there, my child.


To see through the eyes of the Eagle Spirit now, is to see the circle of many lives, many souls, many realms and dimensions. To see with mine eyes, is to see all those that attend the embodied, to love  them, to guide them and to hold them. It is to see what could be and what could never be. It is to see how the child who was abandoned, would reach great heights and never abandon another….and so the circle of life evolves - growing with concentric circles, and the last circle is completed, while a new circle has begun, in a spiral effect, moving upwards into the higher realms, elevating the next circle that spins in the circle of life. From a matter perspective, and the human eyes -  It is hard to see how the man down the street has a circle that reaches into the state of Hawaii, affecting the circle of life there, without being there.  It is hard to see how a loved one could leave their body and the earthly plane, so soon, or in the manner that they left. Yet the eyes of the eagle spirit, sees how the soul that released it’s body at the perfect time, for the perfect reason, unbeknownst to their loved ones. 

Indeed this is hard for many, the collective consciousness holds grief, which anchors them to the earthly limitations. We are releasing grief as the stories are told and the next generation is seen clearly in how one circle overlaps, leads in to, and is the next circle, affects the next circle. How one simple action can change a trajectory for all those connected to it.  Many will not see this through the eyes of man, blocked by fear and bias, rules made not for growth, but for stagnancy.  We ask that you all look up....for when the eyes of man looks with the help of the eagle spirit and seeks not to condemn, but rather to evolve - all becomes known. Truth alights, fear falters, and that which did not make sense, can then be seen and understand through the eyes of the great eagle, the eyes of spirit. And the interconnectedness of all things suddenly become visible, and deep knowing takes the place of what could not be understood before.

There is no death, and in truth no afterlife…there is only life. Life in it’s many infinite forms of energy and vibration. If one has existed for even a moment, even if its through a simple thought form - than it exists throughout the ethers, along the time space continuum.  One cannot be forgotten as we sometimes worry, for they are a part of the circle of life, and the circle is not complete without them, whether they stayed for a year or a hundred years. They are part of the great I AM - the I AM that is all of existence…a song is playing, do you hear it?  "I swear I lived..."

There is always a reason that I come into view for those that are paying attention. There is a reason, I see above and below. And so too is there a reason I’ve shown myself to you with colouring of black in the middle, with my head and tail in white. It is the yin and the yang, the heavens above and the earthen below, the great expanse of the sky seen along with the blade of grass tucked under a willows roots.   Do you see what the Eagle Spirit is trying to show you?

I come to teach, whether through omens, or signs, or to walk with those that indeed move effortlessly between the worlds that man calls life and death.  The ancestors always love to send me down to remind those that Spirit is with them. I come to guide those to not look at the circumstance in front of them, rather to look at the whole of the circumstance around them - for only then will they truly see what is happening, where to go, and what to focus on. Only then, through the eyes of the Eagle spirit, can one see all the threads in the tapestry of life.

Although the eagle soars touching the heavens - so too does the eagle swoop down, touching the earth. Like the bridging of worlds and realms, as above so below. The great spirit that lies within each us, runs through our veins, beats with our hearts, is the spirit that I speak to within each of you. For your vessels are indeed, the bridging of the heavens and earth, we are all Spirit incarnate, we are all Spirit before this life, during this life, and after this life - just moments in time. See with your Spirit, with your heart, with the wind - then you will see with my eyes, the eyes of the Eagle Spirit.

And then you will see all that you did not see before…the beginning, the end, and the in between. You will see the love that you thought left you, now hanging on your arm, whispering sweet wonders into your heart once more. 

For if I, the eagle spirit, exists as the bridge between heaven and earth, a messenger of Creation itself, then the Spirit of all whom have lived, indeed exist too.  For how could I have a purpose, without a reason for that purpose. And how could I bridge the path of souls and spirit, if spirit and souls did not live forever, travelling many paths and many lives?

Allow yourself to see with the eyes of your Spirit.

Allow your Spirit to see the eyes of the Eagle Spirit.

Allow the Eagle Spirit to show you, what you did not see before.

Be not afraid, for we will not go, where you have not been before.

We are simply going where you’ve forgotten exists.

-The Eagle Spirit

Copyright - Channelled Erin E Chandler

“Fly like an eagle, let my spirit carry me…”

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