Divine Channels & Ascension

The great awakening - The energy is building, the tribunals have ended, you have been called.

Jan 11, 2023

The energy is moving quickly. There is much to share and much unveiling as the energy illusions unravel. The changes to the earth plane are a reflection of the world of the inner self as well. As the earth is quaking, rolling, and splitting with the sheer force of energetic change, the earth's crust is being affected as much as her core - The shifts taking place on the planet are a direct reflection of the shifts occurring in the collective consciousness. they correlate with each other in perfect alignment, affecting each other always and in all ways. The next phase has begun as the divine plan continues to unfold.

Mountains will crumble and lands will settle under the water, the vegetation will change, evolving and adapting to new climates, new needs - the inhabitants may liken it to a forced change, or a forced awakening. The earth plane is consciousness, when she is changing, our energy and consciousness is changing. And when the collective consciousness is changing, evolving and shifting - so too will mother earth's forms reflect this. 

Everything is connected. It is the nature of all that is. As man's consciousness evolves, the earth plane naturally and effortlessly shifts and moves to align with the new consciousness energy.

This can be bumpy. And when the collective consciousness is stagnating, under veils of the subconscious, and dark energy, the earth plane will continue to evolve and change and shift - blowing away the stagnation of man's consciousness, to realign the energy. Mother Gaia holds the creations of consciousness that inhabit her. What happens to the earth, happens to us. What happens to us, happens to the earth. Cause and effect. The Natural Law. The only constant is change, whether enormous or minute - it is change, within and without. And one cannot change whilst the other stays stagnant, for one impacts each other.

It is important to know that there are those that surround you or have surrounded you that are not a reflection of who you are - rather who you are not. There are those that have chosen not to awaken consciously, in order to propel you and others into a deeper awakening and empowerment of the self - particularily those that are here in roles of service to others. This is a contract they hold in service to the great awakening, to you and to others.

We are all in this together, and all consciousness when unveiled, is connected in some way or another.

With the great awakening comes the great revealing. Then comes the great destruction of what was. And the great rebuilding begins.

Healing is complete - The tribunals have ended - You have been called.


-Erin E Chandler

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