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The New Moon of Embodiment & how YOU can harness it's energy!

Mar 09, 2024


Eeekkk!!!! I HAVE to share this with you beautiful souls....


Have you ever tried all that manifesting stuff and it didn’t really work out? Maybe it came in and appeared to be it, but then it left or changed just as quickly? Or maybe it left you with nothing but disappointment so you ended up wishing but doubting at the same time? ME TOO! And its NOT your fault...we were missing some very important understandings about energy, steps, wisdom and a few paradigm concepts!

You see, this new moon is the potent energy of the EMBODIMENT of your higher timeline. And this energy is so powerful and potent, it needs to be used consciously. Every new moon, astrological cycle, and planetary transits have a different energy and right now, this particular new moon like most others - This one has an EXTREME DIFFERENCE in terms of timelines and results, because of the planetary alignments, the frequency that changed, the astrological new year just upon us, with the Spring Equinox, and the coming eclipses....this is soooo good!

So are you ready to begin a the process of a total eclipse of the old timeline embodiment into the new? Here’s BOTH the Spiritual wisdom that came through AND SOME STEPS which will help you shift into this state of being that USES the powerful energy of the Divine Mind to actually get results!

Life is about to get really good my friends....


  1. Identify and write down the result or outcome you wish to achieve for the MONTH of March in a journal or tracking notebook. Eg. ‘X’ clients, ‘X’ income, new or healed relationship, moving to a place of sanctuary, etc.
  2. Grab some chime candles or pillars and carve into them the result you wrote down, with one result carved per candle.
  3. Light the candles in a safe container and visualize it already done. Embody the you at the end of the month both visually, emotionally, and mentally as the state of that already being done. 
  4. Now consciously say “I release all doubt for this reality is written in the energy, now brought into the form I claim - As above so below.” This is important because it allows you to release any resistance that stops the energy from coming into form because you’ve already embodied the result through the ritual, so you can let go of the how or whether it will happen or not, thereby releasing restrictions and blockages imposed on the self.
  5. Do one thing, big or small, that puts you into the frequency of your joy. The energy you exude from within you of joy, will affirm the completion of the formless coming into form, also reprogramming the doubt. And of course, you will likely feel drawn naturally to take inspired action on that goal or result you’ve identified, because you are now viewing from the state of it already being done, rather than the state of not done yet.  

Now some of you may be thinking, "I’ve already done that and it didn’t work" OR "there’s a simpler way I use that works for me" Whichever you fall under, keep reading because BOTH ARE TRUE -Both are a RESULT of how you USE the Divine Mind, what you've embodied as a result of your use of the Divine Mind.  

It is not about the right or wrong way to manifest according to another’s way. IT’S ABOUT YOU. It is about how you are learning to use the divine mind for your own creations, evolution and growth. It is about flow and energy, discipline and your mind. And my friends, one person’s evolution is not comprised of the same paths as another’s, is it? Perhaps it is comprised of the nuances of one's unique journey and how the divine mind perceives its experiences. This is why you are you and I am me. We both use the same divine mind but in different ways, perspectives and views based on the individual programming of and individual journey. Same but different, isn't it. All paths lead home, yet all paths are different.

The divine is reminding you to follow your soul’s ritual of knowing, of embodying, of re-membering your divine power of manifestation. You are already that manifestation AND you are the divine power that manifests it! You are both no matter what your ritual!

You are your answer. You are your future. And it is already done if you so wish it, see it, believe it, feel it, write it, be it, know it. As Miss Florence once wrote, 

“There are no hindrances in the Divine Mind. There are no obstacles, and every man is a golden link in the chain of my goodness. All of my hearts desires are fulfilled by the Divine Mind, under grace.” - Florence Scovel Shinn

That is your power when you re-align with the Divine mind...deciding and acting, allowing all things around you to be drawn in to you, magnetizing in perfect divine timing, because they ARE YOU. Because you already entered the embodiment of the result. You are the result. 

 You are both the wisher and the wish fulfilled. 

You are both the resistance and the momentum. 

So choose what you truly wish and consciously CHOOSE which you will pour your energy and focus into. Choose who you are. Choose what you will allow the divine mind to gift to you in form.

The universe indeed is forever working in your favour, for it is both the giver of the gift and the gift itself. So too, are you the receiver of that gift and that gift that asked to be received in the first place. 

You are the embodiment of the gift right from the formless wish, to the receiving the wish fulfilled in form. The first world is the formless, the wish - The third world is the form that energy takes as a result of the momentum and embodiment of the formless wish and energy. This is your birthright.

When you realize that you are ALL of these stages within you, as you - the first world of the formless AND the third world of the form - you will stop stalling, fearing and doubting, putting the brakes on and imposing your own blockages of energy. You will no longer stop at the stage of doubt or unfulfilled wishes as if that is the only stage or phase that exists within you and around you. You will now begin to embody the last stage first, and act from that embodied state of being, which is vastly different that the state of being that only wishes far outside itself. You will no longer define them as wishes - You will embody the wish fulfilled within you, becoming it, becoming you - thus naturally drawing into you because you became it within. As within, so without.

You are both the manifestation and the manifestor. Your alignment with the Divine Mind makes it so.

You are the form of your formless energy and you are the formless energy of your form.

Embody the energy through the formless and so shall you embody that energy in the form. 

“For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.” Matthew 12-37 

 Happy New Moon Beautiful Souls!

Much love,


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