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The Shadow Energy of Full Moons - Leo energy

Jan 28, 2024

Did you know that right now is the last bit of shadow energy of the full moon AND that it holds some of the most potent opportunity for life changing insights?

In truth, the full moon is simply a pinnacle point or the highest point of the tide. And the shadow energy leading up to this AND the tides moving out after this, hold the most information, insight and understanding. Think about the three days leading up to the moon - are they not usually bustling with things swelling under the surface, perhaps people, emotions, circumstances that seem to build. Have you noticed how your psychic abilities are usually crazy off the charts leading up to a full moon? It’s that build up to the full moon that holds key information about what we need to be illuminated at the pinnacle of the full moon.

Now if we move to the current energy of today - We’re in the last bit of the ‘after shadow’ of the moon...this is the such a powerful shadow energy because if you look at the three days before the full moon, you’ll notice, it wasn’t just one thing building. And it wasn’t just something you realized on the full moon you needed to release. When you start using and understanding the after shadow energy of a full moon, you can glean more insight, break through more barriers, and actually identify multiple things that we’re amplified to be illuminated and released, rather than just doing a ritual on a full moon for just one thing, or based on emotion.

Emotions are our guides, however we also need to understand the reason the emotion exists to begin with. The easiest way to do this is to use the after shadow time period to look back at the before shadow build up to the full moon - and we are in that time frame RIGHT NOW!

When we are at the build up of the ocean of emotions and then we hit the pinnacle, our emotions are bursting forth and we are all up in the feeling of it. This why the after shadow is so critical. It’s when we can SEE clearly, because all those feelings and waves are subsiding. Think about a high tide, a large wave - it carries debris with it, it’s usually muddied with stuff from the bottom of the ocean floor....in other words, it is often unclear yet has great power and force behind it. This means the after shadow energy can be used to make huge leaps in identifying and releasing the thoughts, triggers, habits, and things about our unconscious self, that led to the emotional build up in the first place!

The easiest way to use the after shadow is to look at the connecting factors of the emotions that were felt leading up to the full moon.

Think about the people, the places, the feelings.

What is attached to them?

What were the thoughts associated with them?

Is this a pattern in your life?

What is the underlying reason for the emotion?

Remember emotions are our guides, which means they don’t give you the answer - they are guiding you TO the answers. And the answers can easily be found in the before and after shadow energy of full moons. The full moon in Leo we just had illuminated alot of shadows that hold us back, hence the treasure that lies in the three stages of a full moon - the before shadow bringing forward what is underneath the surface, the pinnacle illumination full moon for releasing, and the after shadow of understanding and integration. What did it illuminate from the shadows for you?

Much love!


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