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The Spirit of Wealth: Everything and Nothing 7/7

Jul 07, 2024

Shifting timelines is not always an easy path. Each portal has a key that unlocks the doors. Just like the journey through darkness is not always a clear path. Or the right answer is not always the easy answer. There is one thing that has always gotten me through - I call it Spiritual wealth - a lifeline that lights up the dark, weeps with me as it shares its wisdom, shares solutions when all I saw was problems. It is the infinite wealth of the Spirit within. It is a connection that can be forgotten or resisted...but never can it be broken, always showing itself no matter the time thats passed. It is the spirit within. It is wealth in its rarest form perceived, yet a universal wealth that lives within everything and everyone - Infinite, unending, always accessible, eternally connected to you because you are born of it, your bones and blood made from it, your mind thinking with it. Its in the air you breathe, in the wisdom of the land, in every drop of water, and every birth and death - It is Spiritual wealth.

And just as there is Spiritual wealth there is the polarity of Spiritual Poverty; a point of view (POV) that is blinded from the abundant energy that is teeming from within and without, all around them. The viewpoint that perceives lack versus perceiving the wealth. And yet it is through the wealth of lack one is often led down the path to wealth of abundance.  One can perceive it either way, as often, does the eyes of man see what isn't, while the eyes of Spirit sees what is. This kind of Spiritual wealth allows us to see the expression of wealth through any journey.

When our experiences in life don't make sense to us, we get stuck on the why, the patterns, the pain - you can bet there is a Spiritual perspective that allows you to move through your troubles with greater ease. Wealth is a state of being. And a state of being is the embodiment of alignment. The alignment of the mind, body and spirit.  Wealth is everything AND nothing. This is because all forms of wealth are made possible through you, who brings forward from that state of no-thing every-thing. 

And yet, the mind rarely thinks it so. It doesn't recognize its own wealth of thoughts already in existence, a condition all its own. Or how the pregnant silence, appears to be empty, yet it is filled with the abundant hum of the vastness of creation and the wealth of consciousness.

And the heart that aches and breaks and bows, shattered by its losses, forgets the wealth of unconditional love it has just been broken open: Love disguised as sorrow and suffering, just one of its facets and forms. And the tidal waves of emotions that the mind says should not be - yet the heart knows differently. Knowing it is a wealth of cleansing and clearing for the divine soul.

And the body that tires, and groans as we move, riddled with ailments and omens to complain about, barely stopping to rest, not sensing that those ailments are dropping a wealth of healing and strength at a doorstep - That a wealth of health is what your Spirit is seeking to discover and embody, through your earthly vessel.

Spiritual wealth has saved my life and others, more than once. It provides infinite solutions, profound compassion and access to dimensions of consciousness to understand our earthly experiences.

We are given all that is required in this lifetime to fulfill our soul - to access and draw on our infinite spiritual wealth -- for this where all forms of wealth on this earth plane are birthed from. It is the eyes of the divine that see wealth in all creation and shows us this wealth if we are willing to see it, to embody it.

That breathe of air you just inhaled is the  wealth that allows you to exist in this earthly vessel. You are breathing wealth this very moment.
Or the flower that unfolds its brilliant petals, the bloom a wealth of beauty, an abundance of its own.
And that glass of water that touched your parched lips, every drop is wealth pouring into your body, permeating your vessel.
And when you sleep, a wealth of replenishment is what you rest within.
And the sun on your face, a wealth of life force energy soaking through you.
Even decay, a wealth of nourishment for new growth and strength for what's to come.
And death too holds a wealth that is rarely perceived, as it begs you to lean into the wealth of living, embracing others return to its oneness and whole spiritual energy and form, released from the limits of the body, now freed and within the infinite wealth of Creator.

Spiritual wealth provides us with the faith, strength, courage and compassion to move through any experience. Dark or light, rich or poor, intelligent or not, your spirit is the wealth that supports the energy of change. Your spirit is the real wealth and the foundation for every type of wealth you can find, build, make, have or do.

You are the wealth waiting to be felt, heard, seen and embodied. You ARE wealth already existing in its physical and spiritual form. With this kind of understanding of the energy of wealth, our limits are easily dissolved, the barriers we built around us fall, and our fears dissipate as we see our shadows clearly, no longer the power over you. You are the wealth of Spirit and everything becomes achievable, doable, attainable and possible - Because you are Spirit - the wealth, that begets all other forms of wealth. When we embody our spiritual wealth, we embody wealth in all it's earthly forms.

And when the Divine feminine combines her spiritual wealth with uninhibited feminine energy - this holds a wealth like no other. It is potent and powerful, it is the energy of creation, the sacred wealth that births and nurtures life itself and gives our masculine energy the desire to act.  When the feminine energy is ignited within the roots of spiritual wealth, and embodied fully - it is a force to be reckoned with. A force that is effortless and magnetic, simply by being in an embodied state of feminine spiritual wealth. This allows our masculine energy within to act from that state of being, that wealth, that power, that freedom.

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