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Are you a visionary in HIDING?

Jan 04, 2024

"All are capable of dreaming, but it is those who surrender to vision who are visionaries."

I love this quote from one of the Seasons of the Witch Oracle. It calls me so deeply into my visions and at the same time ignites my fire, my inner dragon - It makes the visionary part of my soul BUZZ!

The visionary energy is a strange and mysterious kind of path. It's bold and passionate and defies what exists in the present moment and what is currently considered to be possible. Look at all the visionaries on this earth plane - In the beginning we think it’s crazy and impossible, perhaps think they're crazy and it'll never happen.  And then they do it. It does happen. They make their vision a reality. And what we all deemed as crazy becomes obvious that we just couldn't see the vision. BUT VISIONARIES DO!

Visionaries see the vision and possibility BEFORE others can see it, fathom it, or believe it. The role of the visionary is sooo important to the evolution of the collective consciousness! And the visionary soul blueprint is not an easy path, despite its powerful and exalted energy. It is designed for self-mastery and creation in it’s boldest and most innovative form - It goes from what appears to be impossible, and makes it possible. The energy of the visionary pulls from the formless to bring it into form - of course others think they are crazy - they are only seeing what is in form, whereas the Visionary is seeing the formless and what is waiting to be brought from that state into form.

Do you see why visionaries have an incredibly special role in the collective right now and why we have visions to begin with?

Visionaries see what has not been brought into form yet.

Visionaries see into the unseen.

Visionaries see what can be.

Visionaries are tapped into the future, whether they realize it or not.

They are being divinely guided and given the vision, whether they understand it or not.

That’s why they have the vision to begin with - Visionaries are divinely guided, not human guided.

And a hallmark for those who have the visionary blueprint, also face the most resistance from the collective. DESPITE the fact that their vision is exactly what will help the collective and is coming directly from source! The irony of this is enormous from this perspective, isn’t it!?!

So the question is…Are you a visionary in HIDING 

Have you been feeling that divine push to create your vision? Have you visioned something that you felt in your soul is possible, but appears impossible by the logical standards?

Well it’s time to take that leap and ignite your inner dragon and come out of hiding to bring your vision to life. It’s time to surrender to your vision. Because you are the divine vessel this vision is meant to come through. It’s YOU. It’s always been YOU. As Nelson Mandela said, “Everything seems impossible until it’s done.”

Technically, you already have within you, what is needed to bring the vision to reality. ALL visionaries have come equipped internally to make all impossibilities, Possible. They already have the vision for what is possible, and it is only this world’s experiences and limitations that says it’s impossible AND the only thing stops most visionaries from taking their vision and making it the reality it was meant to be.

Because visions…Visions are divine guidance. 

And the divine doesn’t follow the 3D world concepts of what is and isn’t possible. The divine uses the 3D world to bring the vision into form. Visionaries need to know that if they’ve visioned it, it’s because IT IS possible, because visions are divine guidance leading you to what to do and bring into form.

This is why when a visionary finally surrenders to their vision, everything they need to bring it into form shows up at rapid fire speed, one step after another, one idea after another, one vision leading to the next. The momentum of a visionary who has surrendered to their vision is intense, focused, abundant and completely guided by the divine. When a visionary suddenly understands that their vision requires a vessel (which is them) to bring it into form, the world then 'becomes your oyster', as they say, and everything is possible.  But how and why is that?  

It’s because the vision comes from the divine. It is the divine asking for a vision to be grounded into the earth plane for the benefit of all. The divine does not rely on the past or the opinions or ways of this earthly plane when it comes to vision. The divine IS that vision waiting to be brought into form by YOU!

The divine sees all - past, present and future. The visionaries vision is being divinely received to shape the future. Not to fit in with the present, nor to repeat the past. And when a visionary surrenders to the vision, everything becomes possible, and the divine will show this to them.

You see, one cannot escape the visionary blueprint of their soul in this life. Their vision will expand and keep coming until they surrender to it. Until they surrender to the divine to help them lead the way. The vision is the reason for the visionary’s blueprint. To create in full creator mode with divine support. In other words, the divine does not create the vision for you in physical form. The divine gives you the vision, the passion, the dream and the desire and when you surrender to the vision, the divine then helps you lead the way to make that vision a reality.

Now here’s the thing about the visionary’s path.  They often face a lot of doubt, a lot of naysayers, a lot of overwhelm at times, alot of perceived obstacles and a lot of fear along the journey!

I’m sure you’ve dealt with all these things, and the thing about those energies is they can make your vision, that is more than possible, suddenly feel impossible. Visionaries often feel very alone on their journey, or misunderstood by those around them. This is because the visionary is placed in the very places and circumstances that the vision they have will overcome, change and free them.  

The visionaries path is not an easy one, but it is by far the most rewarding, the most abundant and freeing. That’s because your vision isn’t just about you. The visionary doesn’t have a vision just for them, their vision’s almost always help others in the collective consciousness in some way. 

The vision isn’t really about the visionary, yet the visionary is required to bring the vision into form. 

And when a visionary surrenders and finally goes all in, and steps into a container of energy and community that is designed to help their vision rise and come into form - Look out. Nothing and no man’s will can stop that vision coming to fruition. That’s because it’s divine will bringing a divine vision into reality, for the entire collective, through the visionary.

How do I know this, you ask?

Because I receive more visions for myself from the divine than I can keep track of. I also receive other soul’s blueprints and the visions they are to bring into form in this lifetime to share with them and help them succeed in doing that.   Not to mention, I’ve taken my visions and brought them into reality by moving through the process the divine has shown me, and I want to share that process so you can too!  Despite all the obstacles the visionary faces, the one thing that I knew was needed through every struggle, that Spirit showed me over and over, was a container that would support their visions with divine guidance AND provide tools to make that vision a reality. And the divine said “Create the 2024 Dragon Wisdom Container so that visionaries can level up with the process AND we will show you how rapidly visions and dreams become a reality when a circle of physical and divine support surround a visionary - So I did.

Which means this:  You are no longer alone, without support, or lost in what step to take next to build the vision in reality. This container is a safety net, that allows you to leap into creating the vision. And this safety net is not just spiritually for divine guidance, but in real time with real people, with actionable steps and direction that allows you to use the 3D world to bring that 5D vision into form - A container focused specifically on helping you to bring your vision into the world with both tools to build it, coupled with divine guidance and support through the whole process.

Doesn’t it feel so much easier knowing that you can create that vision now with that kind of support? Doesn’t it make taking the leap of faith and finally making that vision a reality so much easier? Doesn’t creating your vision feel more freeing, rather than terrifying?

 So now that you know your vision was always divinely guided to you and part of your soul’s blueprint.

AND that the divine is here to support you in bringing the vision to life,

AND that there are actual proven tools to help you make it a reality,

AND that there is a container that is designed to help you RISE,

AND that you have that vision to help you and many others in the collective,


You are entirely up to you, visionary. 

You are the only one who gets to decide when you finally take that leap and make your vision, your dream, a reality. And the year of the dragon is a leap year that holds the opportunity for you to do it!

Take that leap and Join us in the 2024 Level up Dragon Wisdom Container with Spirit and take your vision from dream to reality. We begin on the new moon in Capricorn on January 11th



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