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The water is singing to you...Hear her song

Apr 17, 2023

There is a place deep within it’s own nothingness, that it becomes everything. 

The water is surrounding you, circling you, healing you, moving with gentle waves through the fields of your energy, your strands of light and grids of pain. Cleansing and purging the worms from your bely, the ashes from the depths of your heart. Lapping at the edge of land, as she rolls upon you, through you. The water tribes surround you. On bended knee they touch the water, staff in one hand, bringing down the light that moves from their hand, the hand of light, the hand of prima, the hand of Christ, the hand of the infinite - moving through you, gently, softly, calmly, smoothly. The water clear, now reflecting that which is being healed, surrendered, freed. Just as the oak has spoken the wisdom of its arching branches and its divine roots, so too, must the water sing her song to you.

She whispers softly like a voice upon the wind, like the Mer’s song as they stroke the waves. Their tales keeping their secrets hidden in the murky caves, abandoned by man, yet still alight with the beginning and the end, and all the places in between. Where the ocean pearls are crafted, treasure waiting to be found. Where the seaweed sways in fantasy and the coral thrive with vivid rays. This is where she cleans her pearls. This is where the shells that hold them hide - deep within the depths of nothingness, where only the mermaid knows the way, and the whale keeps safe her path.

It is a place so deep within that the hum of the planet pulses in her veins.

It is beyond the heart, beyond the mind, it moves into the darkness of nothingness so deeply that it becomes all things.

It is a place where you are the earths magnetic field, and the stars, and the stardust of the Milky Way, and the galaxy 2 trillion light years away - And yet stand in the midst of it in the same moment.

This pearl is so coveted, that the ones who hold it within, can listen so deeply that every breath is heard - 

Every inhale. Every exhale.  All breath of life.

It is in her vast and clear reflective water that you can see.

It is to see everywhere in but a moment. To see everyone in every instant.

It is to feel the tears of the mother who weeps at night, as I weep with her soul.

It is to lay beside the child in Africa, face to face, breathing their last breath with them, bringing them home.

It is to sit at the table with the lord and be the very wood and stone of the table that I am seated at. 

It is to watch the scribe that writes the scrolls, knowing that I am both the scroll, and the words written upon it, now etched into the scribe, and into consciousness. 

It is to be one with the eagle as it soars on the huffs of the wind. And to hear the footsteps of the buffalo ten thousand miles away. It is to be in the darkest cavern of my oceans, depths so dark that the glimmer of the light fish creates an opulent sheen that shimmers dark upon dark.

And yet no matter the depths of the night and dark, so too am I the sun. The sun that beams upon the faces that walk her kingdom and nourishing the plants that call her home. So too, is she the very plant receiving the sun rays, and the face that warms as she soaks their cheeks in her sunlight.

It is to be the night and the day.  

It is to be the words that fall upon the page, and the ink that etched them, and the page they lay upon, and the book that it is written in, and the shelf that it sits upon, and the man that made the shelf and his mother that birthed him thrice times on this earth plane - Each more powerful than the last.

This is the mana of the water, the power of her waves and the reflection of her stillness.

REMEMBER HER - are the words that roll off the mer’s tongues with the her rolling waves.

She is the place where one is in all things, all forms, all delights and all sorrows across time are present. 

She is the first breath of a babe and in that same breath, she is the final exhale of a grandfather. 

The dying and the birthing all at once, transforming, unending.

To reflect within her waters, is to be the wind that whips through the trees, and the tree that is being whipped by her wind. It is the mother whale, keeper of the ancients, the tides of man and the swells of water that keeps her.

This is where she brings you to, the edge of the surface, to follow the Mer’s while the whale hides your path, deep into the nothingness that is everything. To be the water within your body, in the air and in the ground, in the ocean and in the ice. To the centre core once more. Where you will find yourself inside a single drop of water, floating as one, your tail glimmering with rays, only to find that you are also the drop that cradles you. 

There is a place so deep within, where this nothing - is everything. 

Everything there ever was on this plane.  What was. What is. What will be.

The heart of every being. The record of every experience, every sorrow, every pleasure and every torture. It is the pulse of the galaxy as it moves at light speed, and in it’s next breath, moving so slowly that it cannot be measured. It is the rate of all things, all hearts, all minds, all lives, both here and there…all at once. All within the tiny molecule of water. For I am both the tiny dewdrops of her knowing and the vastness of her seas. 

Moving with her, breathing with her, separating with her and then coming back together as her. 

I am her evaporation and her downpour. Her clear reflections and her raging rapids. I am her sway and gentle lulling waves, the pitter patter on the leaves and the thunder that rolls through her skies as she weeps upon the earth. 

I am the drop of juice within the cacti in heat of the desert, it is hers too. 

I am the sand that swirls a mile high, kicked up by the dry winds from the East - that too is part of her design.

I am the mists of her jungles and the roots of her trees.

I am the wings of the hummingbird and the nectar it eats.

I am her surface barely skimmed. Yet, reside in her deepest depths.

I am the molten lava that scars her surface and the mountain that holds her steady.

I am outside of her and inside of her all at once.

In but a breath, I am everywhere she is. I am her breath and her heartbeat, and she is mine.

There is a place so deep within - it holds everything in this nothingness.

It is the ancient whale that keeps your secrets, as its heart echoes through your vessel of water. The place where the first breath of creation and the last, are always one, always unending, always breathing. This is the place so deep within you, that everything is stored, remembered, reflected from your depths. This is why her water surrounds you, cleanses you, heals you, envelopes you - it is in your blood, in your dna.

She wants you to look in this place so deep within you.

She wants you to see everything in the nothing.

She wants you to hold the pearls you’ve been smoothing over lifetimes.

She waits in this place deep within, ever patient, ever loving, every reflecting.

Heed her call.

-Channelled Erin E Chandler

April 13, 2023

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