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Welcome to the Age of Aquarius

Jan 20, 2024

The biggest transit of the year is HERE...do you know what that means???

The sun has entered Aquarius and the feminine Pluto is on his arm. Aquarian being a masculine energy, arrives with both the feminine Pluto with placements conjuct with the sun AND trined with the moon - 

Now who said Pluto wasn’t a planet, again?  Is it just me or did Pluto get tossed out, much like the 13th zodiac sign Ophiucus? Interesting that both just happen to be HIGHLY transformative energies.

Now Pluto being conjunct with the sun AND trined with moon is a marker that astrologers have widely talked about, both as a new era foretold, the dawning of a new age, or what some call the Age of Aquarius, and many have dubbed as the GREAT Awakening. This transit cannot be understated as marking one of the most impactful, insightful, transformative and conscious shifts in energy.

Im not an astrology guru...nor a planet expert according to the earth plane - But I FEEL and SEE the energy so clearly. 

When Pluto is making her entrance, she is calling forth areas of associated with obsession in any capacity. This shift into higher timelines for many will bring great change on the inner landscape of our souls, how we connect and relate to each other on a deeper level with expanded awareness and depth, and unbalanced obsessive tendencies - which directly results in an outer landscape change and evolution.

It is the identifying and releasing of what is broken beyond repair, internally and externally. This is inevitable. 

Although Pluto can bring harsh truths and power struggles, as we usher in this new era, but the secret to avoiding more difficulty than is necessary, is to LET GO - and heres why.

Aquarius is considered to be the Star, the water bearer, the healer, an original thinker and has MANY feminine qualities despite being a masculine energy and a take action, decisive and open minded and open hearted balanced and healing masculine energy!  (And just a little planetary history for you, the Piscean age which preceded this new era, is thought to have been around the coming of Christ and the Christian era, astrologically speaking.)

  • Aquarian Age or the Golden Age is related to what some call the era of Christ Consciousness, Light, Love and Joy.
  • Aquarius is the water bearer sign, signifying the ocean of emotions, purification, washing clean, clearing.
  • Aquarius is also depicted as the healer, in other words healing the wounds of our ancestors from the piscean age and our own lives up until this point.
  • The star card is the card of Aquarius in the Tarot, signifying shining like the star after healing the emotions so that light and joy can shine like the star in the night sky. 

So when we enter a new age, represented by the water bearer, the Healer, the STAR of the golden era....WITH Pluto on his arm in the sun and the moon (the dark and the light) You know that Pluto means business and a whole lot of illumination is going to happen and then a whole lot of healing with Aquarius! 

And don't forget this is the YEAR OF THE DRAGON - A leap year - numerlogy 8, the infinite.

Do you see where Spirit is taking us here?

In other words, this new era is so WELCOMED on this earth plane AND is going to be chock full of change, tumult, illumination and uncovering ANYTHING in our collective that needs to be healed and rebalanced, built anew or regenerated from a stronger foundation and healthy thriving roots.

I don’t know about you, but I am over the moon excited for this shift AND intuitively, also seeing how some of this will play out in the collective through 2024 and beyond.

The power of pluto cannot be underestimated here; she brings the inner and outer, the visible and the invisible into view for this collective transformation. So Pluto’s energy of illumination of all that collective underpinnings or foundations and hidden wounding and limited ways of thinking and disempowerment thats been sitting around, is resting on the arm of Aquariuan energy that HELP US take the actions to purify, release, and heal what Pluto illuminates, on a grander scale than any of us can logically understand as we rise for a new dawn. Isn’t it interesting that dynamics of the yin/yang, feminine/masculine, the active masculine qualities of healing Aquarius that will take what feminine Pluto brings forward for transformation.

I have always viewed the Great Awakening as the Great Revealing. The revealing of truth, of what was hidden underneath it all, what was denied and dismissed. The revelation of the subconscious and the expansion into the brilliance of consciousness and our true capabilities. I have always seen it coming as beauty and the mess.

This is the kind of shift and change, that takes courageous souls. Ones that know they chose to be here. Ones that are choosing to change, choosing to see, choosing to be, choosing to heal, choosing to let go, choosing to create, choosing to live, choosing to grow, choosing to forgive, choosing freedom, choosing to help each other, choosing to do things differently than the last era - building upon that which is empowering and in alignment from our ancestors, and at the same time releasing what has limited us and out ancestors, whether its their fears their trauma, there wounds and programming.

Im getting all weepy and happy just thinking about the incredibly powerful souls on this planet right now, that CHOOSE to be here for this monumental shift in consciousness. 

THATS YOU I’m talking about, beautiful soul!

It’s you that is the courageous soul.

It’s you that chose to be here for this shift.

And I’m so grateful you did.

I’m so glad you are here right now.

I feel so proud and grateful and humbled seeing you from this perspective. The feeling of love that the universe is giving me for all of you right now is almost overwhelming. Thats you, the divine is flowing through love and gratitude for - That’s you courageous soul. Thank you, for being you.

Welcome to the official marking of the Age of Aquarius.

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