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You are your answer

Jan 30, 2023

Collective Energy Channel January 30 2023

As the vibrational energies flow through the ethers, and the atmosphere is changing and the land is moving and the animals are shifting - the minds of man is being flushed of the implants of hate, of darkness, of lack, of limitation.

The dragon now rests in surrender, in quiet contemplation, the fire no longer flamed by that chaos - the dragonfly emerges now and sits upon the earth its wings reflecting stronger and more viable frequencies, the web she’s sits upon dripping with dew and the wind that blows through touches everything and everyone, and the souls of man will feel the gentle whisper of her wind and see the lights that reflect upon the hearts that built this earth.  The original creators of this consciousness are all in human form, some to clean up messes of lifetimes passed, some to open the energy channels, some to remember so that others may remember and some to trigger that which must be healed for the light will always illuminate the dark, it is it’s name sake, it’s core frequency, it’s purpose. The light has thrived in the dark because it is light, it shines in the dark, illuminating that which has not been seen. The illumination within the house of self is the doing of the dragonfly, each crystal light igniting and burning, releasing the chains and cutting the binds of the shame, the dark, the hate, the illusion, the smoke and mirrors.  The earth star chakra quaking as it is cleansed the heavens and the valleys and the red road, clearing all those that walk its path. Heavens gates lie within, deep within the psyche of all nature. Man is nature, the animals are nature, the trees are nature, the heart is nature, the energy centres are nature, and the eagle that flies is nature. The gridlines are becoming stronger, depending the faith, touching the masses and the core frequencies of those attuned to the elevation and the rise of the rainbow, the mirrors reflecting the light of all that was, all that is and all that ever will be.

You are your answer.

Amidst the chaos, seek balance, for truth transcends illusion. This is the nature of all balance, all unity, all love. For truth is love. It is energy. It is light. Truth can quench the thirstiest of souls, it can warm the coldest heart. Truth drips through the web, washing the inky darkness of the lie away, cleansing the connection to all, releasing the burdens so you may remember this…

The wind that you have breathed - I have breathed too.

And the tears that you have shed - I have wept too.

The light you have prayed for - I too have prayed.

And the thoughts that weigh you down - I have heard.

The people that seek not to uplift you - I have watched.

And the gentles spirits that surround you - I have sent.

The healing that you have cried out for - I have held deep in the heart of all that is.

I am you, for you are me - I am one. We are one.

There is no me without you.

There is no you without me.

The web of light is teeming with crystalline consciousness, the galaxies attuned to your needs, your wishes.

Call back all of your spirit child. Do not be afraid. Do not turn away from your light. Do not turn away from the dark.Do not think you are not worthy. Do not sit in the comfort of the illusion. Do not shrink back from your destiny, your light, your heart, your truth. You are safe to see where you have hidden from yourself. The places you dared not look at within you. The dark you fear within you. Seek not to be righteous, yet to sit in the tender arms of truth.  For truth is love.

 You are a sacred being.

The key that you have sought is in you.

The truth that you have begged for, is also within you.

The light that you prayed for - burns inside of you.

It has always been there.

Not all that come to pass by you, or step with you, are a reflection of you. There are those that you are the mirror for. It has not been easy being a mirror of truth. It is a sacred task, mirrored by the Heyoka and the High Priestess, both the Shaman and the Seer, the moon and the sun, all mirrors of fractal light, beaming into the dark wounds of others.

You are your answer.  When you begin to detach, you will see that you are a mirror for others, and at other times, there are those reflecting you. Allow your mirrors to be cleaned and cleansed, no longer a reflection of others, but a true reflection of your colours.

You are your answer - yet this is only clear when your mirror has been cleaned.

The dust and debris, the earthly wounds and bindings that have placed smoke upon the mirror of your soul. It reflects to you that which is not you, but you are told is you - Release that now. For if you are what you believe, And smoke upon your mirror has tainted and distorted and covered your mirror with others thoughts and energy - you will believe something that was never you, never yours - do not carry the burden of another's illusion, nor the hate of another’s heart, nor the emptiness of another’s path, nor the glory of another’s journey.

Seek yourself. Seek your divinity, for you the reflection you have been trying to see through the smoke.

Clean your mirror. Clear the clutter. You are your answer.

The loving kindness that touches the very soul of your spirit, will then wash through you.   And your compassion will dance forth into your energy, your mind, your body. Remember me. Remember you. Remember what you are here for. The dirty mirrors have been shattered for you, no longer reflecting that which is not yours. May you see clearly.

It is written for all time.

Divine Truth cannot be undone. It cannot be marred. It cannot be buried. It cannot distorted.The truth is written.Your truth is written inside you. It can only be found within you. Indeed - truth transcends illusion. The dragon does not live, without the transformation into the dragonfly.

You have always existed.

I have always existed.

We have always existed.

You are where you are meant to be.

Trust dear heart.

The ethers have heard you. Your battle was won.

There is nothing but pure creation in your midst, in your heart, in your mind.

Focus again. 

Focus on the light.

Focus on the love.

Focus on what is within you.

You are your answer.


You are sacred being.

A vessel of light, of frequency, of healing, of love.

You are the key that you have sought.

You are the truth that you have begged for.

You are the compassion of the mother of all creation.

You are the light that you’ve praying for.

You are the river of abundance in the midst of a dry desert of lack.

For the river runs beneath the surface.

It runs through veins of the roots buried deep within the earth, within you.

You are the stars that light up the night sky.

You are the answer to your questions.

You are the truth hidden by illusion.

You are your answer.

When you finally choose to see the answer that is you, your path will be so clear, your devotion unwavering, your light ever expanding. When you finally see the truth that you are your answer - that is when all answers are revealed.

Without accepting that you are your answer, you cannot receive all answers. You are divine vessel, a sacred being, a reflection of all that is. Clean your mirror, and you shall see your answer staring back at you clearly.

Illuminated. Unbound. Unconditional. Unchained.

You shall feel your freedom. Your light. Your compassion. Your love. Your heart. Your spirit. Your purpose. Your path. You will see YOU. 

YOU are your answer.

Channel by Erin E Chandler

copyright 2023

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