You cannot bury a seed of light...

Channelled - May 17th 2022

"Lets begin.
You cannot snuff out a seed of light.
They came to bring forth their light.
They are eternal light and will always come back to this no matter how dimmed or denied through this experience.
You cannot bury a seed of light.
The more earthen decay they germinate in, the stronger they grow.
You cannot drown a seed of light.
The seeds float and then require ample amounts of watery depths to feed that growth.
You cannot silence the seeds of light that are shifting the collective consciousness at this time. They are divinely designed to grow from all conditions, to overcome all resistance, and to affect the collective with light - be it in the form of truth, contrast, validation, and even in some forms of dark.
The original seeds of light naturally awaken the other seeds of light that lay dormant underneath the earth, simply by being that which they are - light creation.
The seeds of light planted can and will, only rise.
For they are fed by eternal light, in the dark, deep knowing, and the souls urge and need to create.
To create something better.
To create a more unified uplifted consciousness.
To create sustainability with integrity.
To balance out the current imbalance of light and dark at this time.
Indeed the original seeds of light were dynamically and intentionally planted in all corners of this earth plane.
In all mountains and oceans, jungles and deserts. They were seeded in all systems, in all backgrounds, all cultures, all beliefs, all walks of life - Creating from all facets individually, for the collective, at this time.
The creators, imagining and bringing forth with clarity, the focused intention of this plane.
The architects creating the plans to bring the imagined, desired, creation into form.
The builders setting it in motion the architects plans, building that which is imagined by the creators, planned by the architects within the current collective conscious.
Think of this in logical terms.
How does anything you see in front of you get built? It was imagined, planned and then built. Everything you see came from the imagination of a creator, planned by an architect, then built by the builder.
This is true for worlds, emotions and experiences - not just physical objects.
First it is imagined by the creators- dreamed, received, intuited, intended and focused on, drawn in from the higher consciousness. These are received intuitively, or through the experiences of contrast and evolution, by knowing clearly what you don't want, to allow the realization of what you do want.
Theses ideas, concepts and formations drawn in from the imagination - or as a result of experiential learning - allow the conscious creators space to play, shape and mold the idea. Momentum is gained through the intentional focus on the idea, the concept, the desire, and by asking the questions, how can I build this? How can I get there? How can I afford this? How do I become this? How do I shift this? What do I need to learn in order to step into this?
This is where the architects step in, drawing in the people, places, lessons and circumstances needed to bring the imagined concept into physical form.
Aligning the foundations to build that which has been focused on.
Then the builders step in, using all of those steps to build into physical form, from the architects plans, from the creators imagined idea, concept or way of being.
This is the natural progression of all creation. And we are all creators. One cannot serve the 'we', the collective, if they have not harnessed, set free, acknowledged and served the 'me'.
'We' cannot be without honoring 'me.'
This is why all interference in the house of self must be cleared away and purged. Why all distractions, and lower forms of thought vibration are being removed from your energy by the universe or by forcing you to choose you, instead of others.
This is why the current energy systems are scattering, unveiling, revealing, redeeming and removing. This can feel like chaos and conflict or a gentle falling away or sudden knowing, depending on your circumstances and experiences.
When stepping into creator mode, one undergoes rapid transformation, rapid release of the past, detachment from pain and calling in the integration of the wisdom. Awareness of ones own patterns and then the patterns of others, or vice versa, becomes clearer as each layer falls away. Truth becomes loving kindness.
Currently, the energetic focus is in raising the collective consciousness from creating for others or creating from old programs and codes (victim, oppression, etc)
to step into a more intentional creator mode, without the interference - truth is required for this stage. We are currently co-creating with each other as a collective to ensure enough Creators grow from the depth of the dark, using the light. The light is creation, the dark is what it is and has been sown from in the past and even now. We are in the midst of a major paradigm overhaul and rebalancing of the dark and light. One must choose on growing the light within to rebalance this individually which ultimately ripples into the collective consciousness, as you are part of this.
The seeds of light (you and me) are bursting forth, growing rapidly and sustainably, casting out the dark imbalances and purging the past experiences of them, while maintaining the wisdom gained from those experiences.
The seeds of light are seeing new realms and potentials, understanding deep spiritual truths and busting through any outdated experiences, growing far beyond them.
It is important to remember at this time that you are the light - drawn from the original core of light.
Light is creation, creator and the source of all beingness, all consciousness.
You simply need to step into a detached understanding that you need only help others by stepping into all of you, because you are all connected. That by being that which you are and allowing it to shine, your light draws out the other seeds of light just starting to burst through the dark earthen surface. You need not give yourself away, but rather deepen your roots of your light and speaking, being, doing and resting as your spirit calls you to. For you are part of the collective consciousness and are called to step into the whole of you, which ultimately helps the many through the unified fields of consciousness.
You are no longer the just the seed of light germinating in the dark.
You are the light birthed from that seed. You are the light grown from that dark.
You are the light, the creator, the architect and the builder.
Now take time to dream and receive consciousness, intuit the intended purpose, mission of your 'me' for this life experience. Then focus with clarity. Attune to that knowing, that frequency, that desire, and allow it to gain momentum.
You are co-creating with the divine, yet only if you recognize your role as a Creator, do you create consciously, with awareness, sifting and sorting through another's creation and what you wish to create, your spirit is guided to create.
Only if you understand you have a team of planners and builders, including light and dark to feed that momentum, that conscious creation, that light that you are.
That you being you, unencumbered by others is the root and foundation of your purpose, which leads you directly to your mission.
You are the light.
You are the creator.
You are the builder.
You are the architect.
You are the 'me'.
And you are the 'we'.
Without the 'me' there can be no 'we'.
Now focus on what your 'me' - YOU,
truly wish to create, to be, to bring into form, to experience.
You are a co-creator of the divine.
The divine works through the expression of you. This requires you to actually express YOU - all of you, not others.
So what do YOU truly wish to create?"
Channelled May 17, 20222
-by Erin E Chandler
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