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Part 2 Your body is talking to you... Are you listening?

Feb 23, 2023
Spirit doesn't miss a beat,
Leaves no stone unturned,
and most assuredly will shine a light in every nook and cranny of one's house of self....
Here is the second channel from the redefining self and love WITH Spirit.....
"A spiritual being having a human experience is certainly meant to love the vessel that makes that  human experience possible. For the spiritual being created the human vessel to have that experience after all.
Loving the body and the body loving in and through it's environment, is part of loving the self. The body is one part of the holy trinity of the self.
Let's begin.The body is, in its purest form, a vessel comprised of compact dense vibrational frequencies that are constantly in motion, constantly vibrating to its own frequency. And the frequency of the people, thought forms and experiences one has, are moving through the dense vibrations of the body.
This means, Your body listens to you. Every thought. Every emotion. Every word.And your body doesn't just listen to you, it listens to what others have said to you or have made you feel. The body hears your thought response, your emotional response, thus creating a physical response.Your body is indeed your last line of defense, the barometer that is telling you something is wrong, something doesn't feel good, or something isn't yours.Imagine what your physical vessel would feel like, if you loved it, instead of hating it. Nurtured it, instead of abusing it. Replenished it instead of draining it. Your body is a barometer.
And it is talking to you all the time.Just as Wayne Dyer said, there is a spiritual solution to every problem and it is directly linked to and involves energy.  The grass is greener where you water it, as the saying goes. So the question becomes, are you watering your own grass, or the idea of someone else's? Are you focused on the problem so much, that you couldn't possibly focus on solutions?Your body doesnt just listen - it also talks back to you. It tells you when something is wrong. It even tells you when there is others energy around you that is good for you AND that isn't good for you.The body is an energetic field, in and of itself, receiving, computing and transmitting energetic ions around the clock. It breaks down when it's been overburdened, stagnating or neglected.The energy, or lack thereof, saying to you - hey this isn't working!Through the experiences of life that can pile up, exhaust us and drain us, we forget that as a spiritual being having a human experience, this means our body is important, is a sacred vessel to experience this life, is meant to be honored, respected, nourished and loved.Sometimes in all the chaos of life, we forget to stop and smell the roses, or forget the scent of them all together.Bringing love to the body is important for thriving, not just surviving. Self love, means embodying the self in all its forms - the mind, the spirit and the body.Talk to your body. Listen to your body.Feel the blood rushing through your veins.Feel the warmth in your chest when you open your heart. Take care of your vessel as if it were the golden body of Spirit and creation itself - because it is.Take small steps to cultivate this nourishing of your vessel, to loving it back into its vibrant form. Move your body, to get unstuck.Lovingly tend to your aches and pains.Feed your body fuel that leads to thriving.And feel your body in this world.Feel the warmth of the sun shining on you - soak it in.Feel the rain as it showers, cleansing and cool - wash your Spirit in it.Feel the wind as it caresses your skin or blows through your hair - sweep away the worry and debris with it.Feel the night and the peace and the rest of Grandmother Moon - drift peacefully in deep rest with her.Connect with others, people, laughter, dancing, hugging, the physical touch - you will know what you need and when you need to connect with others.The simplest pleasures of the human vessel bring joy and peace - to swim in the cool water, or to run your hands along the green moss of the forest floor. To wiggle your toes in the warm sand, or to snuggle a furry friend. These too, are attributes of self love, as we take the moments to immerse ourselves in the delights of how the body moves in the world, experiences these moments, these simple things. All of these, when done with awareness, invoke a feeling of love, connection and peace through the physical senses. Loving the self from your body's perspective, isn't just about looking in the mirror and loving what you've got.It's about the body feeling and being invigorated through the outside things it senses, it's both, and. Whether we begin with loving our body with kind thoughts, or through exercise - whether through connecting with another, or connecting its senses to the earth - one inevitably bleeds into the other naturally.
Because just a touch of love can reignite the loving of our body, our vessel.
Whether from the inside out, or the outside in, a spiritual being having a human experience is certainly meant to love the vessel that makes the human experience possible.
Channel Erin Chandler

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