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Current Collective Rollercoaster Energies

Feb 20, 2024

Hello beautiful souls! 

This picture SAYS IT ALL!!!! I’m both laughing and nodding my head with a yes to both women’s reaction to experiencing the rollercoaster. In my last post at the beginning of the month I shared the following as a heads up for everyone - I wasn’t kidding about the advisory!

 “February is a month of rapid movement, shifts and changes, internally and externally giving us a storm warning advisory! ” 

This month of love has been packed with emotions, chaotic energy, deep purging, illumination, karmic completions, along with moments of sheer peace, bliss and connection. This is partly due to your own upgrades and some serious swings in energy as the collective wounds are purged to align with the higher frequency and timelines. 

So, if you’ve been riding what feels like an insane rollercoaster of life and emotions for the last few weeks, consider if you feel like the person on the left thats been screaming in fear holding on for dear life OR are you the one on the right that is letting go and allowing themselves to enjoy the wild ride?

Your answer to this question will tell you more than you realize!

First, notice that both women are in the same seat row, side by side. They have the same strap ins, the same safety bars, and are moving through the rollercoaster on the exact same ups and downs, at the exact same time.  And yet...one is terrified and the other is having the time of her life!  Interesting isn't it? Now notice which one would be you right now, which one do you feel like when you are on the rollercoaster of emotions, of life, or rapid change and movement?

IF you relate to the one holding on to the holy shit handles, terrified, trying to control something, anything so that she feels safe...thats telling you something!  Thats fear of change in spades. And fear always leads to us making decisions which usually come from full fledged control mode, because we don't feel safe, which can then lead to heavy resistance, gripping of fear and an increase in the out of control feelings and then an even tighter grip on the fear and making things stay the same. (And I'll explain in a minute why if this is what you relate to - You are about to have a major breakthrough!)

Now lets say you relate to the women's energy who is sitting back, smiling her whole face off, loving every wild moment of the ride, you should be giving yourself a pat on the back right now because that energy indicates TRUST. Trust in life, Trust that you are safe. Trust that you can enjoy the moment. Trust that you will arrive on time, in time and where you need to be. This response to the roller coaster is a living example of trust in life and trust in the self, to be able to trust life.

"Inner peace doesn't come from understanding. It comes from trusting."  -Rumi

And if we're not trusting we are usually scrambling to control and hang on for dear life. I adore Rumi's mysticism, wisdom and heart.  So if your the women on the left, perhaps you are being shown where you don't feel safe, fear the outcome of change, or may have resistance as you move through the massive changes in our inner worlds and outer worlds right now. And this is your breakthrough moment, because the ONLY difference between the fearful lady and the fearless lady, is that one feels safe enough to trust in not knowing and understanding and the other doesn't feel safe not knowing or understanding - That's it.

And if you want to dig a little deeper, it gets even more telling for us...

When I look at my own journey, on some rollercoasters I am most definitely the one grinning ear to ear, bring on the adventure!  However, there are other rollercoaster experiences in my life where I know that I can potentially move into the energy of the women screaming in fear, terrified. 

Here's the short answer to illuminate why;

If the rollercoaster is one that I have traversed before with many poor outcomes, and I have not healed those wounds - I am the terrified women who still feels unsafe, which turns on the fear because I remember - key word is remember - a memory from the past where this rollercoaster derailed, hurt me or resulting in devastation or loss that I have not reprogrammed or is still ruminating in mind, body and energy that tells me I'm not safe, I can't trust this, look what happened last time, I don't know if the bolts on the ride are tight, did the company do the maintenance, did someone triple check the seatbelts, I wasn't safe last time so I cant trust....In other words, I can't trust that I am safe enough to let go and enjoy the ride because of a past memory and experience.

Whereas, when the rollercoaster I get on is one that I'm excited for, that is new, or one that I have already done shadow work on to heal internally from the last rollercoaster ride....I naturally let go and enjoy every second, and yes, even enjoy some of the fear if it shows up. This is for two reasons; a new experience has no past experience to compare it to, theres a natural curiosity and beauty to the energy of new experiences. The second reason is that when I heal from the first time I rode it, it can no longer hurt me, I have a new perspective, and I trust myself enough to trust the path and my judgement, and to let go of control. I trust that if I can handle it once, and come out the other side, even if it derailed again, because I know that I am safe and that all will be well regardless. Thats the beauty of healing and adversity, you get to see what you are made of.

I find it fascinating how two people in the same physical external experience, can have two completely opposite internal experiences. That trusting you will come out the other side, that everything is working out. That sometimes when it feels like everything is falling apart, yet trusting that it is actually falling together.

As Rumi soothes us with his poetry and wisdom...know that you trusting in you, allows you to trust in life itself. Feeling trust, blankets us in peace and naturally soothes fears, gently calms our nervous system, and effortlessly brings us back to feeling safe within the self, resulting in feeling safe in the world again.

As within, so without.

Erin Chandler

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