One of the GREATEST healing tools in this life has been kept a secret - it is our connection to Spirit. 

Welcome to the Alchemy of Grief

You were born connected to Spirit. You came here already plugged in to Spirit. You ARE Spirit. It is an integral piece of who you are. And this piece of you is so powerful that it transcends all life and death. This piece of you is infinite. It is the place within you, where peace, fulfillment and connection to your loved ones resides. It is where the most powerful healing and transformation happens.

Where you can see, feel and hear your loved ones in a whole new way. Where you grieve with them, instead of for them.

This is the missing piece of the foundations of healing and grief today. And it is no longer a secret. Join me to learn how to connect, easily and effortlessly with your loved ones in Spirit. 

This is where grief transforms from the unwanted, to the illuminated pathway of your healing, love and deep connection to Spirit, to them.

Even though registration for the Spring 2023 Alchemy of Grief Group is now closed 
You can still receive some of my best tools of Alchemy AND tips on how to connect and receive Spirit messages from your loved ones!

Keep Reading to find out how YOU can stay connected!


In a world where grief, sorrow and sadness is NOT openly heard, supported or acknowledged.

This is your SAFE place where you are seen, heard, felt and understood. We do grief differently here - Using it to transform the pain to peace, purpose, passion and joy.

We grieve WITH your loved one, not for them. YES! Your loved one does this program with you in Spirit, helping you every step of the way.


Grief takes up energetic space that, if not released, stay within us, fester and grow. This is where the wounds, the sorrow, the regret, guilt and anger, are finally  able to be released.

When we make space by releasing these, we then have space to receive the messages of our loved ones clearly and consistently.

Releasing is one of the keys to receiving the healing that your loved one is trying to give you AND their messages.


The greatest tool in grief and loss is the ability to see, hear, feel and know when our loved ones are with us and how to understand their messages!

The Alchemy of Grief takes you through a step by step process to easily, consistently and safely connect with your loved one, on your own!

Everyone is an intuitive and has access to Spirit and our loved ones - any time you choose to - This is the magic of this community!

If you want to communicate with your loved one, clearly and consistently without all the confusion and doubt, wondering if it's your imagination AND Alchemize and transcend the grief and heavy suffering ....

 Then you have come to the right place!

For tangible tools, tips and Spirit teachings of Alchemy that you can USE to transform sorrow into purpose & joy, AND connect to the love, the Spirit and the consciousness of your loved one - KEEP READING!

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There is nothing like going through the process of grief WITH the one you are grieving - 

This changes everything!


When a loved one dies, they are the only person we want to talk to, devastated by their passing. What if you knew that the desire to communicate with them, exists for you learn how to do exactly that!

Think of this in terms of you are not your body. You are emotions and thoughts and energy. So if we are not our body, what unseen parts of us, carries on eternally, unending and never dies - that which we are never dies and is always accessible for help healing and guidance.

We are all born with an internal compass that is in direct contact with Spirit and that we have access to IF we choose to take the steps to learn how to connect to that dormant part of us.

Every single person that has connected with me, either through my programs, spirit readings, communities and classes working directly with me, have all experienced a connection with their loved one that they can access and understand with clarity what their loved one is guiding them to or telling them - That's 100%!

Want to know WHY? Because everyone is an intuitive - It's simply a matter of learning how to connect back into it so that you can grieve WITH  your loved one for healing, instead of suffering in grief FOR them.

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Want to have these kinds of experiences too?

Michael K.

"Erin is like a magician to me. A magician who made me work hard. A kind, caring, brilliant, giving shining star. I started working with her just before the first anniversary of my son's death and I have been to many therapists in my life and I had been to two grief counselors after my son passed away. NONE of these helped me in the tremendous way that Erin did. 
Erin is a tremendous healer. She carries a gift. I will be eternally indebted to her. Thank you Erin!

M. Mason


"Erin is an electrical conduit that you are able to plug into and receive all types of energy and insight from. 

She has a rare gift that she is able to share with others and in the most positive, uplifting manner, helps them better understand the meaning and purpose of their life now.

You will end sessions with Erin feeling stronger, more grounded and happier.





Susan S.

"This program literally changed
my life and EVERYONE
needs to know about this program and connecting!
I can't believe how much I've grown and changed during this time!