Channel your Light

A collection of divine channels & teachings from the Cosmos. Awaken your Spirit - Align your Vessel - Embody your true North

There is a method to the Madness of the universe....Understanding how the divine delivers your messages.

I have learned through my years of teaching intuitive skills and delivering jaw dropping readings - NEVER to discount how the divine is delivering someone's messages and here is why....

Spirit shows up how we need to receive it, not necessarily how we want to receive it, or how we think Spirit should be sending it.

In a recent reading a man's best friend came through, but not in the way we expected or thought they should show up...He asked if a Doctor was coming through for him.I had NO doctor coming through.I told him what I wasn't getting AND what I was getting with Spirit, "I have no one coming through as a Doctor. What I do have is a man here saying that he was your best friend and he has dark black hair in his younger years, but I don't see or sense a doctor persay.He immediately started weeping and said, "that's him. He was my best friend and he did have black hair."His best friend, the man, the doctor, then gave us both his parents initials and name and shared this profound...

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