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Equinox + Harvest Super Moon = NEXT LEVEL TRANSFORMATION!


This Equinox energy and the upcoming Harvest Supermoon is packed with so many deep revelations, with deep and profound impace for all of us - It's actually a little SCARY!

Let me explain.

It's just a season change, they say - BUT...I'm going to highlight the four markers of why it's soooo much more, so you can see exactly why this potent mix of cycles and season is deeply revealing and deeply healing - which equals deep RADICAL CHANGE in our lives and timelines - So yes - This time and energy is both terrifying and exhilirating - It may leave you wanting to hide and contract OR fuel your desire to expand leaps and bounds.

Here's the four markers of this intense change energy that have been leading up to this supermoon, are currently in play, and where they are all headed. ALL connected and divinely designed to reveal you, heal you, and activate the whole of you;


1. We began this particular moon cycle with the intense new moon in Virgo, with it's...

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