Channel your Light

A collection of divine channels & teachings from the Cosmos. Awaken your Spirit - Align your Vessel - Embody your true North

Part 3 - The Scrolls of Light....

THE SPIRIT...the third channel, piece, and presence of the redefining self and love WITH Spirit.

This channel came through differently than the first came through powerful visions and and dimensions. Reminding of the purpose of the teachings that come through me to share with others. This last part - the Spirit - is different than the first two channels AND if you read it to the end...there is a healing exercise for your Spirit, calling in and anchoring your I AM presence within you.

Ava: The spirit must be different Mom, as it is the higher frequency and wisdom on the house of self, that makes the mind and the body, the physical presence and matter possible. The spirit, the essence of one’s self IS different.  The spirit houses the body, to experience and the mind is your tool, connected to consciousness and the energy of all things in the quantum field. But the Spirit Mom...the spirit....SEE. TRUST. I AM.   You can begin Mom….

"When I look at the...

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