DivineĀ Guidance for the Soul's Journey

You cannot bury a seed of light... Apr 03, 2023

Channelled - May 17th 2022

"Lets begin.
You cannot snuff out a seed of light.
They came to bring forth their light.
They are eternal light and will always come back to this no matter how dimmed or denied through this experience.
You cannot bury a seed of light.
The more earthen decay they germinate in, the stronger they grow.
You cannot drown a seed of light.
The seeds float and then require ample amounts of watery depths to feed that growth.
You cannot silence the...
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Part 3 - The Scrolls of Light.... Feb 27, 2023

THE SPIRIT...the third channel, piece, and presence of the redefining self and love WITH Spirit.

This channel came through differently than the first two...it came through powerful visions and and dimensions. Reminding of the purpose of the teachings that come through me to share with others. This last part - the Spirit - is different than the first two channels AND if you read it to the end...there is a healing exercise for your Spirit, calling in and anchoring your I AM presence within you....

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Rewriting the meaning of the Month of Love - According to Spirit Feb 14, 2023

Dang....Even the sweet potatoe knows that it is love.  Even when I waited too long to cut it up and rotted - Even then, it decayed knowing it is still LOVE.

Im being nudged by Spirit to rewrite the meaning of the month of love according to the universe...according to Spirit... according to Ava...in its true colours, true form.In the month of LOVE let everything represent the infinite forms of love.Family, friends, partners, animals, the sunshine, our food, laughter, hugs, tea, good...

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The true optimist... Jan 31, 2023
"The true optimist does not see the good in everything -
they understand that good can come from anything.
The silver lining is found in the integration of what was, which is then used as the step to climb higher, to peek into the sun that patiently waits above the clouds. The silver lining is only seen because of the clouds - without the cloud, no silver lining can exist. And no species can live a lifetime in the hot scorching sun, with no moon, no night, no cloud cover.  The...
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