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A collection of divine channels & teachings from the Cosmos. Awaken your Spirit - Align your Vessel - Embody your true North

Speak not to be heard, nor understood. Speak because it is the divine expression of your Spirit - The divine is pouring through you...

A private channel with my daughter Ava...May her wisdom guide you on your journey too.

Happy full moon beautiful souls!


ME: I often feel misunderstood.I don't like that feeling. I don't like that I am 'E' yet painted as X by others.Its not always fun to hear others misunderstanding of me and their projections of themselves. Even when they say nothing, it is all there in the energy, in between the lines.I hear the love, I hear the fear, I hear the truth, I hear the lie, I hear the hurt, I hear the joy.  Sometimes they are my own. And sometimes it is others.

It is often that I have been misunderstood in this particular life...My silence misunderstood.My words misunderstood.My intentions misunderstood.My actions misunderstood.Who I AM has been greatly misunderstood by others too.

AVA:  The best questions, create expansion.They ask us to see more than we did before we asked the question. Perhaps you are not misunderstood at all.

ME:   Well, if I am not...

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