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Destroy the box that constrains you - Then create one that delights and expands you.

"When you look way down deep inside, when you really unearth what is hiding in there, underneath it all, beyond the mind..what do you see?
Do you turn your cheek away from pain or suffering the lingers down deep?
Or do you dig and dig, no end in sight?
Maybe you shine a quick light and say nothing there.
Or perhaps you marvel at the cosmos that reveal themselves underneath it all.
Look deeper my child...
And you will see the earth plane has been filled with illusion and backwards teachings.
To look outside instead of inside.
To follow time instead of making time.
To plan for the worst instead of creating for the best.
To fear change, and search for the peace of the constant - yet never being told the only constant is change.
Telling us to see it outside of us, before we can believe it - When we must believe it inside of us before we will see it.
They told us it must be one way for all -
Yet we are really 7 billion 'one ways'.
That you ARE one way, no...
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2/2 Collective Update: Growth & Current Energetic Chaos

Sensitives, Intuitives, and all light beings will need to Spiritually, energetically, psychically, emotionally and physically protect their energy at this time.

The collective trauma has been triggered for release and healing. This is not an attack, rather a lot of chaotic and emotive energy being released. Those that are highly sensitive beings and intuit energy on all levels, will feel these chaotic energies collide with their own energetic fields. Hence the need to ground, clear and shield your energy at this time.

The current position on the collective timeline and these moments in the time space continuum are indeed what we call scheduled trauma release, or planned energetic shifts. This often results in those that are aware to feel these impacting collective emotions and thoughts and the impact of them as they are being released. Most will have noticed this swing in energy over the recent days, along with the building of the full moon energy which is pushing the release on all...

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