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Part 2 Your body is talking to you... Are you listening?

Spirit doesn't miss a beat,
Leaves no stone unturned,
and most assuredly will shine a light in every nook and cranny of one's house of self....
Here is the second channel from the redefining self and love WITH Spirit.....
"A spiritual being having a human experience is certainly meant to love the vessel that makes that  human experience possible. For the spiritual being created the human vessel to have that experience after all.
Loving the body and the body loving in and through it's environment, is part of loving the self. The body is one part of the holy trinity of the self.
Let's begin.The body is, in its purest form, a vessel comprised of compact dense vibrational frequencies that are constantly in motion, constantly vibrating to its own frequency. And the frequency of the people, thought forms and experiences one has, are moving through the dense vibrations of the body.
This means, Your body listens to you. Every...
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