DivineĀ Guidance for the Soul's Journey

You cannot bury a seed of light... Apr 03, 2023

Channelled - May 17th 2022

"Lets begin.
You cannot snuff out a seed of light.
They came to bring forth their light.
They are eternal light and will always come back to this no matter how dimmed or denied through this experience.
You cannot bury a seed of light.
The more earthen decay they germinate in, the stronger they grow.
You cannot drown a seed of light.
The seeds float and then require ample amounts of watery depths to feed that growth.
You cannot silence the...
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You are your answer Jan 30, 2023

Collective Energy Channel January 30 2023

As the vibrational energies flow through the ethers, and the atmosphere is changing and the land is moving and the animals are shifting - the minds of man is being flushed of the implants of hate, of darkness, of lack, of limitation.

The dragon now rests in surrender, in quiet contemplation, the fire no longer flamed by that chaos - the dragonfly emerges now and sits upon the earth its wings reflecting stronger and more viable frequencies, the web...

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